Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Launches Later This Year.

Ever thought of a meme turning into reality. Well you are now you it is happening. Microsoft is going to launch a cool super Xbox series mini fridge. This holiday season you can will be able to buy the newly launched series fridge.

Microsoft on Sunday in its E3 2021 showcase announces a surprise thing at the end of the event. E3 is nothing but a re-imagined all virtual event. With these events you can now know all the latest updates and launches.

Feature and Price of Xbox Mini Fridge.

The Xbox minimum fridge is considered to be the “world’s most powerful mini fridge”. Well this now definitely one of the key marketing tactics of the company. According to the trailer release of the fridge, it powered by Xbox Velocity Cooling Architecture.

Well this small sized fridge has the capacity of two sets of four cans at the lower level of the fridge. And additional two cans at the upper horizontal area. That means it has a capacity of total 10 cans.  

All though through various rough guesses, we can come to estimate the cost of the fridge. The Fridge could cost anything around $200- $300. The premium features and quality will be maintained as it is market by Microsoft.

We learn more about the fridge as more details uncovered about it. But the question why did they do this? We have answers for it !

Why is Xbox Doing this?

All this was memed a lot in the beginning. Now if you are wondering how did all of this started, let us get-go back in time to understand the meme correctly. In the month of December 2019 when they revealed a New Xbox Series X. The most immediate reaction of the audience to the tall monolithic box of grey color was it looked familiar to a refrigerator.

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Microsoft took the joke in the most positive manner when in 2020 the specifications and console details were revealed.

Microsoft has already produced such types of fridges in big sizes. No doubt they were only meant for promotional giveaways, for the recipients which include celebrities such as Snoop Dog. This launch was in November which is ahead of the actual console launch.