Music At Our Heart – World Music Day 2021

Music has always been the most interesting and refreshing that humans love. Such a special definitely needs an appreciation.  On the occasion of World Music Day, get in tune with your favorite songs. The origin of World Music Day is from France.  Or should we say Fete de la Musique.

This day is widely celebrated around the globe. On this day young and amateur artists are given a chance to perform. All the music lover gets a chance to show off their talent. Cause there won’t be a single person on earth who wouldn’t love music. Though their taste might differ, music is always at the heart of all humans.

World Music Day is the perfect day when people are brought together. Such a significant day would definitely have great history about the creation of its celebration.

How Did World Music Day Celebration Start?

The foundation of World Music Day is based in France. Its founder is Jack Lang and Maurice. The very first World Music Day was celebrated in Paris, France in the year 1982. The story of World Music Day goes back to October 1981. In that year Jack Lang, Minister of Culture of France had appointed Maurice Fleuret as the Director of Music and Dance.

These two planned and convinced the people to bring musicians on the streets together. The main idea behind the plan was to bring all the musicians both professional and amateurs on the street to play together. So, on 21st June 1982, the first Fete de la Musique was celebrated in Paris. Thousands of citizens came together across France on the streets to play.

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This event became very popular around the globe. And it was adopted by 120 countries which included India also. On this day musicians come on the street and play their instruments in parks, streets, stadiums all for free. There are also free concerts which are organized by the musicians only for the purpose of entertainment.

What is the Motive Behind the celebration of World Music Day?

There are basically two major motives for the celebration of World Music Day. The first motive is to encourage amateur and professional musicians to perform on the street to promote music. And the second motive that this will lead to organizing free concerts and it would make all genres of music accessible to all the people for free.

Let’s connect on this World Music Day, and tune in our favourite. Spread the love through Music. As it correctly said, “Music can touch your hearts even if you don’t know what language the song is in.”