WhatsApp Vs Signal Vs Telegram: Things you need to know.

After WhatsApp changes its privacy policy every finds thinking of quitting WhatsApp. Everyone is thinking of changing the way of the mode of their communication. This can be really tough because some people do have a habit of being on WhatsApp whenever they need conversation but now we do have different apps where we can communicate and with all the privacy.

The signal is one of the apps that has been recently launched and here are some other reasons why people are talking about that. Telegram is the second-largest communicating app used by many people for communication and for receiving messages. After WhatsApp changes its policies people are talking about signal and telegram. So, let’s find out which one is the better app and why?


The signal is the app that has been endorsed by Elon Musk. This app has a better privacy policy Then WhatsApp and telegram and it provides more security to their users. Signal recently added a new feature of group calling and all the stages that you see in WhatsApp and telegram all of these are available on the signal.

The special feature that signal provides you is that you can add notes to yourself as in Telegram you can also add few notes to self but in this, you don’t have to create a group for yourself and write notes there is a special feature in which we can write notes to yourself and can share with your family and friends later.

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Telegram provides you with so many special features. You can have a group chat video call and a normal call Via telegram. But unlike WhatsApp, there is a limit you can add only 256 members to a group on Telegram you can add 200,000 members. Can also one of the most important features of Telegram is that you can share a file of 1.5 GB. Some of the apps do not allow a file of more than a GB but on Telegram, you can do that.

Also a Telegram you can use for polls, quizzes some games and some can have some fun experiences in your group. Previously there was no video call option in Telegram but now we can all have video calls. A telegram is very much a suitable option for all those who have to share that file and for all those people who want to have fun in a group while being quarantined.


WhatsApp provides us a lot of things and many of us are very friendly towards this app. We all can video call and can just have a normal call on WhatsApp with several people. WhatsApp provides a lot of features and we all know about this but after this new recent changes in the privacy policy, many are changing their mode of communication from WhatsApp to Telegram or signal.

About privacy policy of each app

We have listed down all the things that each app asks you and the things and information that you have given to all these apps:-

WhatsApp:- Device ID User ID Advertising Data Purchase History Course Location Phone Number Email Address Contacts Product Interaction Crash Data Performance Data Other Diagnostic Data Payment Info Customer Support Product Interaction Other User Content, this is the list of data that WhatsApp has collected from you.


Telegram:- contact user id and information.

Signal:- nothing (just your phone no.)