Let us get started directly on the question regarding the core web vitals.


1.What does “core vitals” mean?

Ans. It is basically the set of metrics that informs us about the URLs in their index whether they need improvements or is good or poor. It is related to page speed, page responsiveness and page visual stability.

2. Most important web core vitals factors?

Ans. Some of the most important factors of core vitals are:

  1. LCP- It stands for the Largest Contentful Paint which tells us the time taken to actually render the largest content on the page like some image or video or the texts that has block level text elements in it.
  2. FID- The full form says First Input Delay. As the name suggests it is related to the time that is taken by the web page to respond to the user’s activity or in other terms the time of the user’s interaction with the page.
  3. CLS- Its full form being Cumulative Layout Shift. it indicates the shift in the layout of the page when the loading phase is going on.

3. How to optimize for good web core vitals?

Ans. There are most commonly found 7 ways to improve the web core vitals and they are:

  1. Since word-press plays a significant role in the core vitals so it is very well recommended to use the Site Ground for a high-performance website.
  2. The larger image can easily be exchanged for an image with lower file size and quality. If it is a paragraph then it can be broken down into number of texts or phrases.
  3. Improving the FID score by using a better web hosting or a well-managed WordPress.
  4. Checking the height and the width attributes that we have added and checking all the other media content by using inspect tool can also be a good way of improvising the CLS score.
  5. Blocking or eliminating the elements that are very slower to load to enhance the performance.
  6. Avoiding the high-resolution images which are unnecessary and difficult to load as well.
  7. Last but not the least a CDN or Content Delivery Network to a server can be used to improve the web vitals scores.