Ullu Web Series Download- Wanna Have A Good Time (Cast, Story, Download Measures, Reviews)

Ullu Web Series Download- Wanna Have A Good Time (Cast, Story, Download Measures, Reviews)

Watch Online Wanna have a good time ullu web series, movie4me

Ullu Web Series, If you are curious to know where to watch the first season of the Ullu Web series, Wanna Have a Good Time (2019), then we will tell you in this post what the legal way to watch the Wanna Have Good Time Web series is. You can opt for a 3-month subscription to Ullu that will barely cost you 72 rupees and watch all episodes of Wanna have a good time (2019) in a legitimate way. The quality of the videos would also be nice because it is not less than a headache with unwanted popups and redirects to watch movies from pirate sites, which destroys the enjoyment of watching a film.

*Wanna Have a Good Time rating IMDb:

5.1/10 IMDb ranked the Ulllu Web Series 5.1 out of 10.

*Wanna have a good time cast ||

Ullu Web series by Movie4me Flora Saini and Manish Raisinghan are the lead actors in this film, and Dhiraj Rai directed this series.

• Flora Saini:-

The interesting thing is that after working on this film, Hot Flora Saini became a sensation overnight. Her hot scenes overnight made her popular. In addition to this, Flora Saini has appeared in many other hot web series, including Gandi Baat, and she did some erotic scenes in the web series Inside Edge. Her acting also makes her feel in India’s web series, Flora Saini Gandi Baat.

• Manish Raisinghan:-

In the web series, Manish Raisinghan played a role as the husband of Shilpa (Flora Saini). He’s a TV-serial actor and a popular Indian model. He is also known for playing the lead in this web series with Flora Saini.

*Story of wanna have a good time web series?

Ullu Web series Shilpa, her husband, and a prostitute revolve around the plot. Shilpa plans to go to her mother’s home one day for a weekend and this makes her husband so happy, but her husband began to feel boredom at home after some time. Suddenly Her husband’s eyes go to the newspaper in which he finds a “Wanna have a good time” advertisement, it makes him so curious about it, and he decides to call on the specified number and eventually her husbands call for a prostitute to have a good time with her, but the girl that comes looks just like his wife to her surprise.

Her husband was puzzled, and he thought her wife was trying to make him feel bad, so he tried to make her feel good about this mission by making her regret and sorry. The twist in the plot now is whether she’s her true wife or some double-ganger. You have to watch this series via the free download ullu web series to know the facts.

*Here are the free download measures of the Ullu web series?

Please observe these measures

1. Step 1:- As with all ullu web series launched on the ullu web series store, if you don’t have it, you have to download the Ullu-Dekhte raho app on your computer.

2. Step 2:- Use the ullu web series app once you download and open it.

3. Step 3:- Register your account free of charge after opening, either by logging in from Facebook , Google or just making a new one.

4. Step 4:- If you have ever created an ullu web series account app, then simply sign in.

5. Step 5:- If you have never used it, they send you two videos to watch absolutely free, but later you have to purchase their subscription plans to buy it online with any coupon or bid.

6. Step 6:- You will be able to see any free ullu web series, including the most recent launch, after purchasing a subscription.


Time- With only four episodes and a story that is too short, it’s a very short web series v. It was like you were only getting the feel of the story and finding out that it was the story’s climax and conclusion. A very fast-paced plot.

Final Thoughts- If you like watching bold content, you should watch this Web series. Since this web series has a very short plot and has only been created to attract the attention of the viewers by the cheesy name and sexy tailor, and the ULLU production team are almost expected to do so. In this post, we have attempted to send you an honest and helpful analysis of the Wanna Have a Good Time web series created by the ULLU app. We hope our post enjoyed you.

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