Netflix to Pepsi Using Red Flag on Twitter. The Red Flag Trend on Twitter well explained.

The Red Flag is all over Twitter? Is it Some MEME or a Trend? Or should we stay more conscious about what we surf? Are our favorite brands trying to warn us?

Well if you have any such questions or maybe something else. And if you are a regular Twitter user you may aware of what is happening on Twitter. Don’t worry we have got you covered! Read through the article and get all your answers.

 We all are aware of how Twitter is famous for making new trends. We have seen so many trends on Twitter to date! This platform can make trends of anything let it be good or bad. It takes only a little time for anything to become a trend on Twitter.

Red Flag Trend on Twitter : Everything we know about.

This week Twitter started flooding with a new trend where the whole platform started to explore with Red Flag Emojis. Users started using red Flags in their tweets. These tweets are warning signs of a behavior or a statement. The whole thing has gone viral. Well as we all are aware what does a red flag indicates, while Twitter is having the same trend.

The trend or meme has turned the whole social media platform  Twitter into a red flag rally. People even started making fun of the red flags. They made fun by tweeting statements like people using the red flag are themselves red flags. The surprising factor is that the red flag emoji worldwide because of the trend has crossed over  1.5 million by Tuesday.

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Users also made fun of themselves by using the red flags which might indicate they may be a little toxic. They also said tweeted by making jokes like they ignore the red flags as red is their favorite color.

Would not join such a great trendy party! Many big brands like Pepsi, Netflix, Dharma Productions, WhatsApp, Linked In and many more big names also joined the trend.

Tweets About Red Flag Trend.

Here are few tweets from Twitter from the big brands joining the trend.

Here are Tweets People Making Fun of the Trend:

In short, this trend is nothing but people putting their opinion about everything in life. This trend became more humorous as people added fun tweets while expressing their views at the same time. If you still haven’t tweeted anything in the red flag trend. Jump in the trend right away, what are you waiting for?

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