Riverdale is back with its season 6: To bring us Goosebumps Again

Netflix is back again with our favorite Series. Yes, you guessed it right we will be able to see our favorite show on our Screen! Riverdale is Back. Isn’t it exciting! The show has kept us on our knees since its very first season. And season by season it has got interesting more. And now we as fans are sure that we will surely not be disappointed. As the show is ready to release very soon.

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Riverdale Season 6: When will the show be aired?

Well, thanks to Covid the show had to push back its release dates. But well now the wait is finally over!! But we cannot expect it very soon as we all know that season 5th has kept us hanging for its finale.  Regardless of all the factors, there is an official release date of the show is out. The show will be premiered on CW on Tuesday 16th November 2021. It will be premiered at 9 pm.  The show will be premiered right after The Flash‘s “Armageddon” crossover event.

Riverdale Season 6: What are the changes in the show?

 Well, the show has brought many changes. But Don’t worry it is still going to be interesting. These changes are very minor. The show will change its days of premiering from Season 6.  Noe the show will be aired from Wednesday to Tuesday. It has also changed its timing which is an hour late i.e. 8 pm ET it will air at 9 pm ET.  And not only that the show will have a special five premiere event named Riverdale.

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Riverdale Season 6 : Cast

We will see all the members of the cast in the upcoming season. There is very little chance of new artists coming up in the season. Though the cast of the season remains the same fans are eagerly waiting to see all their favorite characters again. They are going to look more stunning and hot this time!!

Riverdale Season 6: Trailer

The trailer of Season 6 was already out on 16th October.2021. The trailer itself was so amazing that we cannot resist seeing the upcoming season. A lot many things were kept unsaid in the trailer. So just imagine the amount of adventure the season is going to be.