ThopTv for PC: Know everything About ThopTv

ThopTv, Are you bored sitting at home and have nothing to kill time? Or all your favorite shows and movies have now gone to premier features? Well, don’t worry we have got you covered.  Now you don’t have to spend a single penny from your pocket to watch your favorite shows and movies.

ThopTV is our savior. It is available on both PC as well as mobile applications.  It is easy to get a mobile application. As we all enjoy watching things on the big screen. We will help you this application available for you on your PC.

About ThopTv.

ThopTv is the application that helps you stream shows online. It gives you access to over 300+ channels. The channels are from all over the world. The application also offers all different ways of entertainment.

All the different sports like Football, Cricket, Basketball and many more. It also has all your favorite shows from all your favorite OTT platforms. All the series on the platform are always kept up to date. It is one destination for all your favorite.

As this application has all the best things. It is designed to provide its users with the best experience. And also with valuable and informative content from all over the globe.

Features: ThopTv

Live Streaming

Now you will never miss your favorite sports live stream.  The Live streaming feature will assist you to get all your streams. So now don’t worry even if you have one television set or don’t have a subscription to the OTT platforms. This is beneficial for you now as the application will track all the live matches. You can also stream them in HD.


Variety of Content

ThopTv brings you with variety of content from all over the globe. The content is available in different languages. You can now watch content from any part of the world.  It also has a wide range of collections of movies that are updated from time to time.

Free Subscription

ThopTv does not have any subscription fees. Get all you need now without even spending a single penny from your wallet. This benefit makes the application more popular among teenagers and also for the people who don’t like to spend on entertainment.


People nowadays like to watch content from all over the globe. But there is a drawback which comes when you want to watch a series which is in a language that you don’t understand.  However, that is not a thing that you have to worry about anymore. As ThopTv has subtitles which are ended to each show. The Subtitles are available in different languages, so you can select which one is the best for you. Also, the subtitles are made professionally with the perfect or close meaning of the audio.    

Chat Support

ThopTv is developed with professional guidance. So if you get stuck while using the application you can use the live chat support feature. This feature will help you get your issue resolved. You just simply have to type your problem and you will get a solution for it. This makes the user’s experience more pleasant and hassle-free.  The Live Chat Support feature is your guide to the application.

Video Player

The application has a built-in video player. One doesn’t have to download any separate application to play the videos. As this feature is not available in many of the applications and the user has to download another video player. The built-in video player providers the users with a smooth viewing experience. It also helps in enhancing the video quality. And gives the viewer the liberty to choose the quality of the video.

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Offline Download

This feature is one the best. As t Thop Tv allows you to download everything offline. So even if you have a weak internet connection or no internet you can still enjoy your shows.

How to Download Thop Tv for PC?

It is very easy to download the application on your PC . Just follow the steps given below.

  •  Download a nox android emulator
  • Install the application once the download is completed
  • Explore the application after the installation.
  • Now Download the ThopTV app.
  • The application will download ThopTv.

Now you can watch all your favourite shows and movies on your PC without paying anything.

Application Description For PC

Application NameThopTV
Size50 MB
SupportWindows 10/8.1/8/7/XP and MAC
Last Update22 April 2021
Offered By Thop TV


How to Download the application for Windows?

You just have to follow the simple steps mentioned in the article. And in on time the application will be downloaded.

Do We have to pay any subscription fee?

The application is absolutely available free. So there no subscription fees.


All the copyright of the application is to the owner. We do not have any paid promotions. The above article should only be used as a piece of information.