The YouTube Comedian For The Indian Masses

The YouTube Comedian For The Indian Masses, YouTuber Ashish Chanchalani has been one of the most loved digital personalities in the era of content and followers. Little did he know when he launched his channel four years ago that the YouTube community would love him so much and form a family of 15.7 million subscribers. His definition of video has earned him the throne of ‘YouTube royalty’ and with his production he dominates the digital platform. Success, however, is for him still to sink in. I ‘m feeling, is that real? Did I accomplish it or am I a fluke? “He’s wondering.

Although many consider him an influencer, he feels that describing him is an incorrect term. “According to me, I am not influencing anyone, I am entertaining.” The dream hasn’t always been to be a YouTuber. I didn’t start thinking that it was going to become my profession. I started doing funny things and making people laugh. I used to post videos of real-life things happening. Gradually, the number of followers began to increase. I never imagined that it would grow so well. I began it out of love and kept it alive, “he shared.”

Chanchalani wanted to become an actor, but there were other plans for him in the universe. I started making people laugh because that never happened. This was not deliberate, but I started attracting a lot of individuals because of luck and hard work. I think I gave time to the digital age because no one else tried to make it work for me, “he said.”

He is a true believer that he should obey what his heart tells. Every video directed and written by him comes from inside. “It doesn’t come from my head, whatever I do. I do what my heart says and it does backfire occasionally. I like to be in front of the crowd myself, a bit nuts and dumb. Wherever I go, I have someone or someone to make fun of. I don’t see the world as it is seen by other people. When I want to put something up, I don’t hold myself back, “he said.


The thing about making videos, however, is that not everyone is loved, even by faithful fans. And it matters how you treat those instances with better content and comeback in play. I take fans’ feedback and I listen to them. I will see the video and see what went wrong. I demonstrate it to other individuals, too. I’ll come back and then repair myself,’ he said. The best thing about him is he tries to bounce back in the next one because he realises his material has failed and people have hated it.

I bring a great deal of passion and all of my heart back into it. If I work 100 percent in this video, in the next one I will work 1,000 percent, “he added.”

The use of blasphemous language is one factor that people sometimes complain about online content. But what people tend to understand, according to him, is how it is used by different video creators. I don’t use the language because I try to be cool or because it’s mature, “Chanchalani said, talking about the same thing.” It’s what individuals are doing. That’s the truth. They all use abusive terms. I just present things in the world that are happening. My intention is to incorporate it just in a amusing way and it is never really intended to offend someone. It’s just the symbolism of rage.

The best thing about Chanchalani is that he knows what millennials can relate to and relate to all. His ultimate aim, while he is already a famous digital face, is to make movies. I really want to make people laugh in various ways rather than just comedy, and also entertain people in other ways. I’m going to make films. One day, I want to work in Bollywood, not as a star, but as an actor and as a movie producer.

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