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There are rapid changes occurring in our society and technology. Nowadays, how people are living their lives, the way we are given education, way we earn our income through AI i.e. artificial intelligence, Biotech which are generally our future inventions. In the coming years, people can earn from video games and how these video games are becoming part of our lives already. Through advancement, Development in technology can be created and possibilities are there. As 2.6 billion people around the world play video games.

With the development of infrastructure in countries like India and Africa, America. Most surprisingly, the average age in America of a gamer is 34 years. This tells us that video games are not more entertainment for children, but becoming a fundamental part of people’s lives. People are earning income from these games like in e-sports there are many prizes that can be won by completing a task or challenge. These games provide chances to earn money in a competitive way. People are also earning by modding games, building content in games, creating art, etc.  Games were limited in its every kind and almost in about 10 years, games have done some advancement in its visual effects, physical immersion, and front end included in the games.  The actual information is being exchanged between players and entities. Games are played on single servers. Passionate gamers are likely to benefit from this and new experiences are likely to be experienced by this type of technology that can help people to earn money through video games.

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In a game, a single world is being created where several people are participating in a simultaneous manner in a conflict. The creatures included in the game have their own ecosystem build and own sense of predator and prey and each object in the game is stimulated in its own way. The games are build by various big companies in the world. There is a simulation where a group of players can co-create together through multiple devices in a world that will never vanish and it has various stories and adventures for telling its gamers. This is a development in computer science by creating virtual worlds and involving people in it. It will have an economic impact on the economy of a country as today many people have full-time jobs in the gaming industry and in the coming years, it will go beyond millions of people. It is an opportunity for creating some creative, rich that can give you income no matter in which country one is.

Through video games, it will be a new, different opportunity for earning income at the earliest time of your life. There is utmost importance in our life of video games due to the advancement and emergence of a technological world.


  • Video games can increase memory.
  • Provides fun and entertainment.
  • Improves the mood of a person.
  • Perception and vision is made
  • Helps to improve decision-making skills as by playing action games decisions are to be made in a quick manner.
  • Problem-solving skills are improved as some of the video games includes to solve complex problems.
  • Virtual problem solving serves as a great practice for solving real-life hurdles.
  • Helps to improve social skills by interacting with other players in a game.
  • Mental fitness is involved in playing lots of various video games.
  • Develops curiosity to learn how to play a puzzle game and solve complex, difficult puzzles in an easy, quick manner.
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The transformation or change in video games has occurred in the last several years which includes in its making, visual presentation, providing real gaming experience to gamers, including various characters, objects in them, etc.  With the help of creative skills, building games on several themes, consoles, environment, etc, a gamer has a totally different gaming experience.  Nowadays, games and consoles are improving and changing due to more innovation which leads to more people playing video games today. More advancement and development in video games have led to its popularity and to adopt it as a job for earning income.


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