The Swift Programming Language – Introduction, Features


The swift programming language is a quite powerful programming language and it is easy to learn. Swift is an intuitive programming language for IOS, macOS, TVs, and beyond, If you want to write swift code so it is quite interactive and full of fun, The syntax is concise still expressive, and swiftly includes all the modern features those quite like by the developers. Swift code is safe by design and yet also produces software that runs quite faster.

About Swift 5.1

Swift 5.1

It is quite easy to create and share binary frameworks with others. It has lots of features that make it easier to design better APIs and reduce the amount of common boilerplate code. Module stability defines a new text-based module interface file that describes the API of a binary framework.

Swift 5.1 supports for handling and updating differs on collections of appropriate types. Improvements to SIMD and String types. And also it is used in property wrappers to introduce a general-purpose syntax for defining custom access patterns for property values.’ Self’ can be used for classes and in value types.

Latest features of Swift Programming Language

Swift is a powerful programming language.

Swift Language is easy to learn.

The swift programming language is the result of the latest research on programming languages and it combined with decades of experience building Apple platforms.

Swift language has protocol extensions it will make witing generic quite easier.

Swift language has first-class functions and it also having lightweight closure syntax.

It has multiple return values.

It has patterns, filters, and maps.

Swift language designed for safety. By that swift eliminates entire classes of unsafe codes.

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This language is quite fast and powerful.

It is a successor in both of the in Objective-C languages and C.

Swift language has binary compatibility.

Swift Package Manager is a single cross-platform tool for running, testing, building, and packaging your Swift libraries and executables.

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