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The power of ideas refers to power through ideas and understanding of ideational powers. For example, one actor trying to persuade other actors to accept their views about thinking. The power of ideas is a common approach. To persuade is central and important for this form of ideational power. Power is viewed as making someone do something by force, threat, etc and on other hand ideational power is based on the capacity to induce other people to do something based on the reasoning and argument.  A complete rationale process is required and persuasiveness of the idea depends upon the cognitive and normative arguments which must be done in the support.

The structural and institutional understanding of ideational power is necessary to analyze the role of ideas in political power. It involves persuasion. The power should not be misused on the basis of threats, force, institutional position, material resources, etc. The persuasiveness of an idea depends upon the cognitive and normative arguments which must be mustered in its support. Power through ideas have an effect on both stability and change in ideas and institutions and is exerted in both the processes of evolutionary and revolutionary changes.

http://powerstrut.com/ps520s-html/ The ideational power also focuses on the contribution of the capacity of actors to control and dominate the meaning of ideas. There are three general forms that power has over ideas may take which includes exerted by the actors to impose their ideas by power, second is normally powerless actors who seek to shame other actors into the conformity of their ideas and opinion or norms, third is who have the capacity of resisting even after considering alternative ideas. Ideational power is key for defining characteristics along with structural and institutional powers. Power over ideas comes through control over the public discussion through an ideology that is supported by massive propaganda campaigns and providing repetitive misinformation by educational institutions, intellectual artistic productions, and forms of public communication.

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Certain ideas are considered to be important and reasonable. There is power in ideas which includes the authority of certain ideas being enjoyed in structuring thoughts. Ideas are made more effective in influencing the actor’s normative and cognitive beliefs. Power through ideas and over ideas focuses on the direct use of ideas for influencing other people. Sharing ideas through a speech is also an effective way and ideas are spread among several people and there is an increase in the power of ideas.


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  • The power of ideas can have an influence over other people’s opinions.
  • An ideology can be formed and shared among people.
  • The idea can be made for creating awareness about a particular topic among people.
  • Ideas are generated for a purpose to achieve.
  • Ideas help to increase creativity and collaboration.
  • The power of ideas can bring a diverse group of people together around a central theme.
  • The power of ideas helps in conveying the thoughts of people.

The role of ideas is that they act as a guiding principle to solve a difficult problem. The power of ideas basically includes ideational power for influencing others by your own opinions, views, or thoughts by various means. To have the power in your ideas for forming an ideology which is accepted by people for their own good and well-being. Ideas are necessary to form an opinion on a particular topic of discussion and solve complex problems of life. Ideas should be reasonable, valuable, and meaningful for their acceptance. In a democratic country like India, every citizen has a right to form an opinion or idea and express it through various mediums like social media, radio, television, etc. The play involved in the power of ideas is of just influencing others by your own thought or opinion on a particular topic or issue. The power of ideas plays an important role in discussion or debate on a topic.

http://future-forms.com/portfolio-item/magnavox-1r1014-am-radio-red?s Through the power of ideas, solutions are formed to a problem. Ideas can be formed for building a better future. Sharing of ideas through discussion or debate is commonly done in educational institutes and in many other places for the creation of awareness among people.

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