The New Google Algorithm Update!

aren’t we all are excited by google’s algorithm? after insta changes its algorithm every day and we all are so messed up by this, here we are some new changes with the new algorithm of Google. but it does not affect most of us but to the webmaster, there are few things that we should know. not as messed up insta the algorithm but few things to know about this new 2021 algorithm.

First, let’s know about what the was the algorithm in 2020 and what is the changed version.

2020 algorithm

In 2020 algorithm was more about speed and how you convert your visitors to customers. The Morya ranking is on Google the more is your chances of getting a good algorithm and being on top. And also the speed of the internet speed much so the faster the site load the more chances the visitors will come. Users also want more sites which load easily and because of this internet become more Complex place.

The speed thing was launched in 2010 and that it’s a big part of the Google algorithm and in 2018 Google announced that mobile page speed as a factor. So since that the algorithm hasn’t mass changed at all but recently in past me Google hand announce few of the changes in algorithm.

2021 algorithm

Now, you will know what is changed in the recent algorithm of Google. In May 2020 Google announces that the new algorithm will be more about the User experience and the performance of the web page. While announcing this new algorithm they also explained that the because of the pandemic they want the Webmaster to take its time creating the website in need and will get the ranking they want by creating a website that they think is the best.

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Now the thing coming to your mind that when will this new algorithm come? Google also announced that this new algorithm will be a part of Google from May 2021. You still haven’t considered this in your at home that will be helping you out please do check out other articles that will help you out a little and try to change your website according to the algorithm needs.

The core of 2021 algorithm

All of those cells and we are telling you now will be on Google from May 2021 as Google announced it previously. So here are some core things that will be part of this new algorithm of Google:-

  1. Mobile-friendliness
  2. Safe-browsing
  3. Https
  4. No intrusive interstitials
  5. LCP (under 2.5 for 75% of page loads)
  6. FID (under 100 milliseconds for 75% of page loads)
  7. CLS ( less than 0.1 for 75% of page loads)

The New Google algorithm is more about the User experience this new change and algorithm is called page experience metrics. If anyone still has any doubt regarding the new algorithm Google please ask us about it or go to any other article and read those out. So, anyone who is thinking of making a new website try keeping all these things in mind and time and make the best website so it can rank high in Google.

We will keep updating you and if you have still any queries about any of these new algorithm please ask us out! To know more about changes in Google or Instagram algorithm we are here to update you.

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