The onset of the pandemic Covid-19 has disrupted everything for almost 6 to 7 months. It has bring people’s lives to halt and have changed everything. The music industry has been influenced by it in terms of functioning. The music industry includes several professions for many people. Among the pandemic, it has faced difficulties and adversities. With many relying on it for fulfilling their essential needs, Covid-19 has caused the industry for coming to a stand-still which has caused massive hindrance to the incorporated professions in the industry.

With heavy support depicted, the prime complication relies on the creation of any kind of music. Inaccessible to any kind of resources, many people have articulated the unattainability of the necessity for engendering the music which has led to problems. The key reason is unable to visit the studios and the inefficiency of adequate equipment at home. With no gatherings allowed, releasing of the jams sessions and shoot of the already music videos has come to a halt or had been stopped.

The workforce is also adversely affected by production to programmers who create jingles, app songs, voiceovers, background music, and much more are stuck in homes with no productive, efficient work to do. Although artists, musicians are showcasing their efforts with the inconvenience of no location, faded teamwork, no cameraman, lyricists, producers, directors, etc due to this, decreasing the quality of music which leads to stress and tension on individual. But in tough times, the industry has showcased the zeal to work for yielding creative solutions.

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The circumstances of the pandemic had brought a new era in the music industry with help of the internet and media. People are craving new entertainment and music-related videos. This has motivated artists to look for new opportunities and utilizing different ways of formulating creative content. Lyrical videos are being created through which editors are getting work in relation to fabricate the lyrical video. Many people are seeking collaborations with artists for having access to the studio for recording the creations at home. Shooting videos at home and experimenting with various styles. Using home-available props and creating captivating videos. The content is appreciated and liked.

Youtube and several entertainment websites and music-related apps have increased traffic during this pandemic. There is the digitalization of the music industry with the internet available all the time available as an important solution in the current times.


  • Various music events like concerts, music festivals, and various other events have been canceled.
  • Several album releases have been postponed.
  • Virtual performances are being held on online platforms.
  • Establishment of a sustainable ecosystem for the music industry for thriving through public policy and urban planning.
  • Strategies are employed for the categories of audience development, music and musician-friendly policies, music tourism, and education, etc.
  • With social isolation, music distributors have reported about a 20 to 40% increase in the content being uploaded.
  • The decrease in revenue.


  1. Streaming of old content of music like classical, folk, etc.
  2. The rise in music streaming consumption through various apps like Spotify, wynk music, and many more.
  3. Paid subscribers have increased.
  4. Radio is being listened to for listening to a wide variety of music and songs.

All these mentioned impacts and types of music streaming have affected the music industry in several ways during pandemic Covid-19. The events, albums are being canceled or postponed. Live streaming music on various online platforms had gained momentum which further resulted in an increase in the usage of various music-related apps and websites. The digitalization of music is being done through the internet and media. Lyrical videos of songs created by many artists and musicians which are appreciated by the audience. Videos are being shooted at home through the availability of limited resources and the creation of creative, amazing, appealing videos is done. Covid-19 has brought some standstill and loss to the music industry, but still, it has risen up and has continued their work by applying different techniques and methods available from home.


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