The Impact and Role of Mass Media During the Pandemic

Covid-19 was something everyone was affected in some way and we have learned a lot from this year and because of this pandemic. First, let’s just appreciate how much we have learned and how much we have grown in this year 2020. Not just us individuals we have grown with all the as a society we have learned a lot of things. And also appreciate how much media have changed and how much it had contributed during this pandemic. Mass media have contributed a lot and even after is pandemic they did not stop and share all the things that we need to know.

What is coronavirus we have realized how much social media can mean to us? We always scroll social media just for some memes and some fun content but this year we realize that social media can provide us some great information and current affairs.

Everything new needs to know we get it from social media and there are a few of those content that him Ek news easier to understand and in a more fun way. YouTube, Facebook, just is the daily dose that we need because these other only sources from where we can get some information about another side of the world. The way we have watching things now is very different.

Perspective after this covid-19 for few things has changed. During this covid-19 most of us, we’re not getting a newspaper delivered the lockdown and new channels we see these days, somehow bias. So we can’t really blindly trust all those news channels because of that bias thing they had. So even Julie most of us are on a social media to get the information about everything that is happening in the world.

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After covid-19

We have learned how much your mass media and social media mean to US and how much they have helped them during this pandemic to know about the things that we actually want to know but because of the lockdown, we were not able to get any source of information. This is changed a lot of perception towards their mass media things and most of a circle on that there is a field out there that has so much of an opportunity with it.

If you are a person who is graduating right now and more interested in journalism and communication there is a great feeling out there that is just booming and booming every single day. Go ahead and apply for the Mass Communication And journalism field Kind of field that is the future of our generation.

Mass media helped a lot of us during this lockdown to entertain hassles and keep ourselves are dated about the so hold and especially about the vaccine and how much coronavirus deadly and what precautions we need to take. We are getting all of this information from social media and from the news we watch. We must be thankful for all those people on news channels and social media behind the scene people also to help us out during these tough times and keep updated and entertained.