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The Dragon Prince season 4 Cast, release date, plot, and latest update (Release on Netflix)

Before the spread of coronavirus Netflix has officially announced the release of the Dragon Prince season IV but it we still haven’t received any update after that regarding season 4 of the show.

Early this year Netflix announced that season 4 of the Dragon Prince will release in May 2020 but after that, there is no announcement for any update regarding season 4. Well we think that the Dragon Prince season 4 will take some time to start production again because of the pandemic

As because of the pandemic most of the production and shoot for many movies and shows was on halt, the Dragon Prince season 4 is also on hold and will take some time how to get over this pandemic and the chaos it created.


The Dragon Prince season 4 Cast, release date, plot, and latest update (Release on Netflix)

The cast for the dragon prince

Here is a list of all the cast members or voice over artist that we will see in the Dragon Prince season 4:-

Jack DeSena to lend voice for Callum

Sasha Rojen and Paula Burrows will also see the return to lending voice for Ezran and Rayla respectively.

Erik Dellums, Jesse Inocalla, Jason Simpson, and Racquel Belmonte as Aaravos, Soren, Viren, and Claudia respectively.

Story of the dragon prince

It is based in a fantasy world with a factor of magic on the continent of Xadia. There was a time when dragons, humans, and elves lived in peace in Xadia, but the humans started to use dark magic as they couldn’t use magic generally. Dark magic came at an expense of sacrificing the lives of other creatures. The humans were therefore detached, and the continent was split up by a river of lava.

The Dragon Prince season 4 Cast, release date, plot, and latest update (Release on Netflix)

And the story begins their the human and Dragon started fighting and the human destroys the dragon’s heir and egg. The humans are attacked in return. The egg is later regained, and it plans into the Dragon Prince Zym.

The story is loved and praised by all the fans around the world. Everyone loved and appreciated the show very much as we can see it has millions of fans around the world. The show has created a large fan base of its own and everyone is really very excited to see another season of the Dragon Prince.


Release Date of season 4

Well off now the Netflix announce Early this year about the release of the show but the show was delayed because of the pandemic and till now there are no updates. But we expect that show will release in 2021. As the show created this large fanbase creators and Netflix won’t disappoint any of them. So we can just hope that we will get season 4 of Dragon Prince in 2021.

The shooting and the production for the show have been started but there are no updates about anything right now. So we just need to wait a little bit before Netflix announces the big news.

Also, this year the Dragon Prince book came out, and if you want to read you can buy it online. All three parts of the book have been released. The trailer for season 4 has been released in the comic con but it is not that much but the plot of the storyline for the Dragon Prince season 4.

We will keep updating you as soon as we get any news or information about part 4. To know more, stay tuned.