Should Chris Harrison Step Down From Bachelor?

As Chris Harrison’s takes a temporary pause from becoming the Host of The Bachelor.

The temporary time off of Chris Harrison from his duty as a host on The Bachelor, Rachel Lindsay is noy sure what will happen in the situation.

After all the controversies that  has happened on the show. On Saturday , Chris Harrison has announced that we will not be hosting the Bachelor’s. The controversial interview which was followed after the Final Rose with Rachel Lindsay. In the interview where he defended Bachelor’s contestant Rachel Kirkconnell’s past racist actions. For the behaviour both Rachel Kirkconnell and Chris Harrison have apologized.

Lindsay Made a statement on Extra Monday, “Where do we go from here as a franchise? It’s hard to say.” She adds up, “Chris has stepped aside, which I think is the right decision… and I think he needs to understand what was done, what was wrong in that interview. He needs time. He needs to step away to do that.”

 While Rachel Lindsay is terrified by the incident. She cannot even accept the fact that Chris Harrison has apologized for his behaviour. As he walked away from the interview make it seem that the conversation was OK.  She also said that she doesn’t want to judge anyone very quickly.

She says that the Bachelors contestants should unite together and take a stand for what is said and what they believe in. The contestants should stand in unity against what Chris Harrison has said. She also asked,    “How do you  when people in Bachelor Nation are upset, the contestants of this very show, the leads of the show? How does he go on to represent the franchise when people were so upset by what they saw in that interview?”

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Rachel Kirkconnel has already been accused by a TikToker last month.  Kirkconnell is also seen liking racist pictures. For which was also accused by another user.

While in a statement on Instagram on Thursday, Rachel Kirkconnell  apologized and also said that she hopes, “earn your forgiveness through my future actions.” This statement came after one day when Chris Harrison gave her apology on Instagram. He stated, wrongly speaking in a manner that perpetuates racism” by defending Kirkconnell’s racist actions and asking people to offer her “grace.”

Many fans and supporter of the fans and also the members of Bachelor Nation continue to speak and make follow-up statement on Saturday. Later, than Chris Harrison revealed  that he will be stepping away from his duty as host for a “ period of time.”

Rachel Lindsay has also participate Reddit AMA after the controversy. The AMA came after hours Rachel Lindsay’s husband podcast came. In the podcast, where here husband backlashed Chris Harrison.

John has also commented on Chris Harrison’s remark, as there was a trend on Twitter #FireChrisHarrison after The Bachelor’s Monday episode.