Technology and advancement have led us to such a place where humans are
trying their level best to use the gift of intelligence and fasten up the pace of
the world that we live in. Two of the most hyped topics that have come into
existence are robotics and animation. We come across these 2 technical words
quite often these days and they have been seen to gather a lot of interest and
development especially among the youth.

What exactly are these two? To answer the question, we have to start with a
simple technological definition of machines. Machines as we know are the
tools that make our work easier and faster. Robots are also machines that
were started to be built by high-tech organizations to make the works of
humans easier. This idea led to the birth of robots and the study of robots
along with their implementation came to be known as robotics.
Initially, robotics used to occupy a huge place in the technical meetings but
nowadays we can find students at the college level and even higher school
levels are interested in making small bots for competition purposes. This is the
the field where we can see a huge integration in the field of computer science,
design, mathematics and is considered as a huge handout in the evolution of
human intelligence.

Our second topic of discussion is animation. So, what exactly is it? To know the
details let us get into the simple logic behind the cartoons. Cartoons used to be
drawn on paper before technology and animation came into use. When people
thought that the images which they draw on paper can be shown on television
and moved with the help of technology, cartoons were born. The technology
that is associated with the manipulations and movements of still pictures is the
basic purpose of animation.
Once again, over here we can see that there have been courses in schools and
colleges that teach animations to catalyze the interest of the students into

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The terms robotics and animations are absolute two different domains that
have been occupying an enormous amount of automation and robotization.
Though both of them have their dominions yet they cannot be compared. It
isn’t hype but a reality that is coming to light with the flow of time. We wish to
welcome these two vast realms with open arms.