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TeaTV, TeaTV net are the publisher of this application. The size of the application is 198MB containing the latest version of 10.0.1r. Today, the more modern human life, the more evolved the requirements of day stuff, the more society needs people to have good health as well as a good mind. But it can make them feel the pressure, causing exhaustion and tension, because the amount of work and demands for individuals are too much. Entertainment is, therefore, an imperative need for individuals. Entertainment allows individuals to have a stronger, more enthusiastic working spirit and encourages individuals to reload resources to face problems.

A show about life. There are many ways to do this, including sports, reading books, comic books, gaming, and watching movies. The film is, in particular, an entertainment strategy that many people prefer. The tired, free time, turn on your favourite genre movie, explore in-depth storeys, with nothing but great cast. Finding movies on the browser, however, is very complicated, contains irritating advertisements, even virus-containing links, causing the danger of harm to your computer. But now there’s TeaTV, which has been launched as a mobile movie screening service, shattering your worries. Soon, we’re going to explore this application’s functionality.

*How to Use:-

TeaTV, as implemented, is an application for streaming movies. TeaTV, with its incredibly rich genres, offers thousands of movies. There is a convenient search toolbar for this application; you can choose to search for films by genre: action, emotion, fiction, comedy, animation. Check by country for a potential form of film: Korea, China , Thailand, India, or even by the name of the actor. All you need to do is tap the search bar, enter a name like Johnson Statham and the search word next to it.

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The application will automatically return a set of results to you. TeaTV has an interface that is intuitive and simple to use. The films are designed to fit perfectly into one card, not scattering needless ads and references too far. And just tap on the corresponding card and all the required details if you want to see the information of a particular movie: analysis, character, genre, Country.

*Both TV shows, movies, quickest updates:-

TeaTV constantly updates the new film for you as well. TeaTV lists the most popular, most recent videos at the main interface of the screen, divided into several directories, and recommends good film titles for you to watch. On a horizontal line, every item is just swipe and swipe and pick your favourite movies. In addition, with the highest resolution and sound quality, movies are uploaded. Your network connection is often not healthy; to experience smoother films, you can also change the resolution down to a little. At the same time, there are subtitles in the films. You may pick English as the default language, or customise another language.

*Features of TeaTV:-

It’s almost criminal for such an amazing application to exist. There has to be a catch when you have to download this free app, right? Uh! Wrong! All these vast and ever-growing collections of movies and shows are provided for free through this app. And to make it even more interesting, here are the characteristics of TeaTV:

1. No log-in:-

Popular streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu allow you to access a variety of app content. However, before you can even use their service, you’ll have to build an account and pay the monthly subscription fee first. But with TeaTV, in order to enjoy TV shows and movies from the app, you don’t need to pay and create an account. It’s all easy, and you don’t have to send your precious email in order to protect your privacy.

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2. Smooth user interface :-

This app provides an extremely simple user interface aside from that! Something wanted to watch? In the search bar, just type in your questions! Would you like to find a movie you don’t know the name of? You only need to search by category, no problem. Films and displays are now systematically organised so that you do not have to browse them one by one any more. They are organised by group, famous, top rated and playing now. What can you possibly ask for more?

3. High-quality videos :-

Free films and television shows may be provided by other streaming apps, but the content is subpar. Often, they only get their material from torrents and other websites. TeaTV, on the other hand, is committed to giving you only the best, so almost all its content is available to watch in high-definition quality of 720p and 1080p! High quality and free, this is the best combination ever!

4. Wide collection of content :-

Day by day, there are hundreds of TV shows and movies created in this day and age. So, it’s no surprise that they can not keep up with several streaming apps. This is not an issue with TeaTV, however, as their collection of movies and television shows continues to expand every day! From horror, suspense, comedy, romance, western, drama, crime, adventure, animation, history, family and more, there are plenty of categories to choose from!

5. Download tv shows and movies for offline consumption:-

Besides that, for offline use, you can also download any video you want! This means that you can enjoy your favourite videos right on your phone wherever you are, even if you do not have access to an Internet connection!

6. Complete details:-

Not only does TeaTV show you the film, it also provides all the required information that you need. This include the feedback, ratings, specifics of the season and potential releases as well. You don’t have to go to Google to check for information about your TV shows or movies. It is seen directly from the app!

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7. Clean design :-

At the expense of the design, most free streaming apps you’ll find anywhere can have free content. You’re going to be bombarded with commercials and the user interface isn’t that pleasant. That’s the truth, only. With TeaTV, however, you’ll enjoy a nice film with a clean interface! To help you watch your videos even in the dark, the subject is in black. Also, the movies are categorically ordered and the architecture is flawless. If you don’t notice, it’s like you’re watching Netflix or Hulu right away!

8. No ads:-

Who likes advertisements? No man, huh? Sure, you can download any streaming app on the market, but you will be bombarded with loads of commercials as you scan and watch your favourite movies. But that will not be a concern with TeaTV!

*Download and install:-

1. Step 1:- Firstly, visit Google for the link

2. Step 2:- After getting the link , download the apk file of the app.

Step 3:- The apk file will get download in your device.

4. Step 4:- Enable the unknown sources from your device.

5. Step 5:- From file manager of your device, install the application.

6. Step 6:- Enjoy using the application.


TeaTV is an incredibly simple app for watching movies. The content is still revamped, offering the new and coolest movies to users. There are HD quality introductions to each movie; users can view them in a more general way. In addition, TeaTV also allows players to save videos to their computers, and watch movies offline without the Internet, or add movies to their favourite list for later watching. TeaTV is convenient; you will not fail movie lovers!


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