The famous Japanese anime Overload has made the fans crazy with its three seasons. The show was first premiered in 2015. It was created by Kygane Maruyama. The crazy dark fantasy series is directed by Naoki Itou and produced by Madhouse. The series basic storyline revolves around 2138 when online gaming has control over the world.

The series has a huge fan base. It has received an overwhelming response for the first three seasons. Fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming season. The real question is should the fans wait for the upcoming season, as it has already been two years after the premiere of the third season.  So do the fans have to wait for more for the return of Overload with season 4 or they will never get to see what happens next?

Here is what we know about Season 4 of Overload.

Release date : Overload Season 4.

There are many speculations which are made by the fans about the release date of the upcoming season. As of now, no official statements have come from the creators of the show. There are reports which suggest that the production house did start with the work of Season 4. But due to the global pandemic, everything has come to a standstill.

The fans can at least be assured that the show will definitely have Season 4 coming soon. They could expect the by the end of the year if the situation favors. If not by the end of the year, they will definitely have the show by 2022. So don’t get disappointed there are huge changes that very soon there will be a return of Overload.  

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Plot: Overload Season 4.

Here are all the possible things that you may encounter in the upcoming season 4. As the whole anime series is based on a novel. There is a possibility that season 4 will open up with the 10th volume of the novel. The title of the 10th Volume is The Rule of Conspiracy.

This part of the Novel talks about Ainz Ooal Gown’s decision. In this, he decided that he wanted to turn his whole kingdom into a paradise for all kinds of people.  Where on the other hand the rulers of other nations are opposing his decision. And also, are against his newfound nation.

Cast: Overload Season 4

With all the information that we have, it says that the main characters of the series will remain the same. All the leading roles will be seen again on the screen. This tells us that the story will be based on the protagonist part more.

But as the fans and the novel suggests that there are plenty of characters that are still not introduced. The new characters might spice up the series. For all the official statements we might have to wait until the series is released.

So, until that, we can re-watch the previous seasons of overload. And be safe as the global pandemic has affected the world. While keeping our fingers crossed that we get some good news from Madhouse about the Upcoming season very soon.