How to Take Screenshot on Windows? Guide

The need for taking Screenshot

It can help to demonstrate exactly what you’re talking about. While elaborating something to someone, use a screenshot that shows exactly what is in your mind, minimize the chance that you’ll be misunderstood and confused. Another best part of it is that screenshot of an error message helps to avoid misunderstanding by showing exactly what we are seeing.

So let’s start with the methods used to take a screenshot on different screens.

Take a screenshot on any Windows 10 computer

How to Screenshot on Windows? Guide

1) Take a screenshot


Windows captures the entire screen and copies it to the (invisible) clipboard. In the case of some notebooks, you have to hold Fn and then press PrtScn instead of only pressing PrtScn.

Look for this key at the upper right corner of the keyboard. Noted that Print Screen (PrtScn) might be abbreviated differently on your keyboard.

2) Taking a screenshot of a single-window

holdAltand pressPrtScnResults

in Windows will capture only the currently active window and copies it to the clipboard.

3) How to take a screenshot of a particular area on the screen

holdandShiftand pressSResults

Use the mouse to select a rectangular area on-screen to specify what to capture. Windows then copies it to the clipboard.

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Now, one can paste it into a document or something.

holdCtrland pressVResults

hold Ctrl and press V Results in Windows pastes the screenshot (that is in the clipboard)from the clipboard into a document or image you are currently working on.

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If it is required in a graphics file format. Then follow the given steps

Start “Paint”



If anyone can take a screenshot and want it directly as a file. Follow the given steps

holdand pressPrtScnResults

Windows (8 or 10) captures the entire screen and saves it as a file to your Pictures > Screenshots folder.

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4) There a dedicated program for taking screenshots called Snipping Tool

a. Start the Snipping Tool from the Start menu.

b. In the “Mode” drop-down, choose the kind of screenshot shape you required.

c. Click on New and screen it will be freeze. Now you can use the mouse to create the screenshot. The screenshot will be appearing in the Snipping Tool window.

d. If anyone wants to include tooltip, that will only appear after a mouse movement, then specify how long to wait before taking the screenshot using the Delay menu.

e. If required, after taking the screenshot, one can use the drawing tools to interpret the screenshot.

f. After completing, click “File” and then click “Save As” to save the complete screenshot.

g. We can also click the copy button in the Snipping Tool window – it looks like two pages laid over one another – to copy the image to your clipboard.

How to Screenshot on Windows? Guide

5)Taking a screenshot on Windows 10 with the Game Bar
Here’s how to use it:

Start a game from the Start menu or the Xbox Console Companion program.

While playing the game, press the Windows key + G. The Game Bar overlay should appear. We can also press F11 to take a screenshot. It will be added to the screenshots folder on Steam.

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The Game Bar has a screenshot tool that appears as an overlay on top of games.