How to take Screenshot on Chromebook? Step by step guide

Taking a screenshot on Chromebook

How to handle every TAKING A SCREENSHOT ON CHROMEBOOK challenge with ease using these tips, To capture all of your Chrome book’s screen, press Ctrl + Window Switch. A confirmation window will appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen with a preview of the image.

The keys may be differently located on the keyboard depending upon the manufacturer and model of your Chromebook.

About Chromebook –

A Chromebook may be a laptop or tablet running the Linux-based Chrome OS as its OS. Our most of the activity is stuff like Facebook, Netflix, youtube and other online activities — get a Chromebook! You’ll find it’s up to the work and tons cheaper than Windows, Mac, and Linux options. The devices are primarily wont to perform a spread of tasks using the Google Chrome browser, with most applications and data residing within the cloud instead of on the machine itself.


Samsung Chromebook 3.
ASUS Chromebook C202SA.
Samsung Chromebook 3.
Lenovo Chromebook C330.
ASUS Chromebook C425.
Lenovo Chromebook 100e (2nd Gen)
Google Pixelbook Go.
Acer Chromebook R 11.

Capturing a part of the Screen on Chromebook

How to Screenshot on Chromebook? Step by step guide

To take a screenshot of a specific area of the screen, hold Ctrl + Shift, and then press the Window Switch key. A small crosshair icon will appear in place of the mouse cursor. By using a trackpad, click and drag until the area that you wish to capture is highlighted. Once the selection is complete release the trackpad to take the screenshot.

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Locating the Saved Screenshots

• Screenshots are saved to download folder by default. To access your screenshots.

• After that select the App Launcher in the bottom-left corner of the desktop then.

• Select the up-arrow to expand the list of apps.

• Select the Files app.

• Select downloads in the left menu to find saved screenshots along with other downloaded files.

How to Screenshot on Chromebook? Step by step guide

Screenshot Applications for Chrome book

The Chrome Web Store provides numerous extensions for Chromebook that add advanced screenshot features to Google Chrome.

Some of them are:

FireShot allows taking screenshots of an entire web page, not only just the portion currently visible on the screen.

SuperChrome offers an easy and fast way to capture and share full pages.

Awesome Screenshot provides a screen recording feature, among other screenshot-related features.