The SAP HANA Studio and its features

The SAP HANA studio is an assortment of applications for SAP HANA. It permits technical users to manage the SAP HANA information, to make and manage user authorizations, and to make new or modify existing models of knowledge within the SAP HANA information.

It’s a consumer tool, which might be accustomed to access native or remote SAP HANA databases. The SAP HANA studio runs on the Eclipse platform.

The SAP HANA Studio and its features

Supported Platforms

The SAP HANA studio runs on many platforms. You can use the SAP HANA studio on the subsequent platforms:

• Microsoft Windows x32 and x64 versions of: o Windows XP o Windows scene on Windows seven or Windows eight

• SUSE UNIX operating system Enterprise Server SLES 11: x86 64-bit version

• Red Hat Enterprise UNIX operating system (RHEL) half-dozen.5

• Mac OS ten.9 or higher SAP HANA studio is an Eclipse-based tool. SAP HANA studio is each, the central development surroundings and also the main administration tool for HANA system

• It provides AN surroundings for HANA Administration, HANA info Modeling, and information Provisioning in HANA information.

The Studio is used on the following platforms

 • Microsoft Windows thirty-two and sixty-four-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows scene, Windows 7

• SUSE UNIX operating system Enterprise Server SLES11: x86 sixty-four bit

• Mac OS, HANA studio consumer isn’t on the market Depending on the HANA Studio installation, not all options are also on the market. At the time of Studio installation, specify the options you would like to put in as per the role.

To figure on the most up-to-date version of the HANA studio, the computer code Life Cycle Manager is used for consumer updates.


SAP HANA Studio views or options SAP HANA Studio provides views to figure on the subsequent HANA options.

You’ll select Perspective in HANA Studio from the subsequent choice choice

SAP HANA Studio → Window → Open Perspective → alternative.

Sap Hana Studio Administration Toolset for numerous administration tasks, excluding transferrable design-time repository objects. General troubleshooting tools like tracing, the catalog browser, and SQL Console also is enclosed.

SAP HANA Studio information Development

It provides a Toolset for content development. It addresses, above all, the DataMarts and ABAP on SAP HANA situations, that don’t embrace SAP HANA native application development (XS).

The Application Development SAP HANA system contains a little internet server, which might be accustomed to host tiny applications.

It provides Toolset for developing SAP HANA native applications like application code written in Java and hypertext mark-up language. By default, all options are put in.

SAP HANA is AN in-memory information platform that’s deployable as AN on-premise appliance, or within the cloud.

it’s a revolutionary platform, that is best fitted to activity period analytics, and developing and deploying period applications. At the core of this period information platform is that the SAP HANA information, which is different from the other information engine within the market nowadays.

This article can teach you the fundamentals of this platform. The tutorial is split into sections like SAP HANA Basics, SAP HANA-Modeling, Reporting, and SAP HANA-SQL.

Each of those sections contains connected topics with screenshots explaining the SAP HANA information installations. Features of In-Memory information.

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The main options of SAP HANA in-memory information are –

 • It is Hybrid In-memory information.

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 • It combines row primarily based, column primarily based, and Object orienting base technology.

• It uses multiprocessing with a multicore hardware design.

• Conventional information reads memory information in five milliseconds. SAP HANA In-Memory information reads the information in five nanoseconds. It means memory reads in HANA information ar one million times quicker than a traditional information magnetic disk memory reads.