SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) is a Platform as a Service model meant for making new applications and run/expand existing (SAP) applications. Most of the SAP HANA cloud services as well as Success Factors use the SAP HANA Cloud Platform to create customizations.


Its key functionalities embody analytics, mobile services, transactions, collaboration, security, integration, and might additionally function a portal. The SAP HANA cloud platform provides a platform to SAP Service suppliers for building new applications and run them.

It can even be accustomed to changes in existing applications. The HANA cloud platform that’s hosted by SAP cloud services additionally permits application developers to customize their applications to satisfy specific consumer desires. SAP HANA cloud platform is each a platform and a service. As a service, it permits enterprises to undertake application management work.


The platform permits users to access knowledge from the SAP HANA information in real-time. SAP HANA cloud platform is additionally ideal for each tiny and huge comes. Besides, the SAP cloud services are often be spoken to supply solutions to distinctive consumer desires. The SAP HANA Cloud platform offers 2 main levels of functionality; initial as AN application service and second as an information service.

As an application service, businesses will produce new applications and build them accessible to their staff or shoppers.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform as AN Application Service As AN application service it offers the subsequent features:

Mobile services: It acts as a mobile platform within the cloud through those mobile applications that square measure kind of like the SAP mobile platform is often availed.

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 • Analytics: The HCP analytic feature permits users to research and gift knowledge visually. This feature is simple to use and provides insight on the info on the market within the cloud platform.

Portal: The HCP portal permits for making and taking live mobile-friendly websites. The HCP portal is a computer network that brings along in-house and cloud solutions during centralized surroundings for workers to access.

Collaboration: It permits the sharing of data among users with the SAP practicality feature. It is often originated for workers acting on a particular project to facilitate communication, cooperation, and operational potency.

 • Security: It permits knowledge security through functionalities like making user accounts, desegregation the whole system to make sure knowledge protection whereas providing quick access to licensed persons.

Integration: It permits for straightforward integration of on-premise systems and different cloud environments. SAP HANA Cloud Platform as an information Service As a knowledge base service the HCP offers the subsequent functionalities:

Transactions: It stores transactional knowledge in real-time and avails knowledge once needed e.g. for analysis.

Analytics: Provides real-time analyses of huge knowledge. Though it’s inbuilt algorithms for analysis, it additionally supports external algorithms. It permits the choice of analyzing matter knowledge.

Streaming: is a platform to research and method giant knowledge.

Spatial: It permits for knowledge of visual image and show of information containing geographical components. HANA Cloud Platform is one of the most effective cloud services within the world nowadays.

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SAP Cloud Platform SAP’s open platform as a service for developing cloud business applications during totally provisioned surroundings. Using a set of end-to-end services, capabilities, and tools, developers will build, extend, and integrate business applications within the cloud.

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