Rocket League Codes: May 2021 Edition

Rocket League has got a lot of attention as it got free to play in 2020. Fans have got crazy behind the game. The game has been in the app purchase for almost 5 years. The game has a large variety of collection of cosmetics that player could you use customize their vehicle.

Most of the customization is available for free to unlock. Some of them can be unblocked with the help of credits. Credits are obtained as and when a player levels up in the game. One gets a rocket pass that he can use in exchange for real money to unlock the customization.

While it gets very time-consuming, we have got you a list of promo codes that could help you unlock some unique items. Some promo codes in the list are available for a limited amount period. That means these codes could be redeemed in that period only. We have mentioned each and everything.

The list that we are providing is an updated list for Rocket League codes May 2021. Get all the active codes for this month all at one place.

Rocket League Code (Active Codes)

  • popcorn : Free Popcorn Limited Rocket boost

For now, we have only one code in this edition. As we mentioned the codes are for a limited period of time. We will keep you updated if there are any more codes that are to be added to the list. Please make sure that you are using an activation code, and not an expired code.

What do you mean by Rocket League Code?

Rocket League Codes are a freebie for you. With the help of these codes, you redeem exclusive items. These codes are usually spotted in the Rocket League trailers. With the help of these codes, you can customize your vehicle. So, get a hand on these special codes and freebie.

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How to Redeem Your Rocket League Codes?

The process to redeem these is very simple. Just follow the steps that we have mentioned below. And in no time you can redeem the exclusive codes.

  • First launch the Rocket League Game.
  • Find the Extras Tab in the game.
  • Enter the promo code of your choice and press on the Redeem Code button.

The exclusive item will be added to your account after the redeeming process.

We have given you all the information on how to redeem the Rocket League Code. Play your game and customize your vehicle in the coolest way possible.  Stay connected to us, so you can stay up to date with all the latest promo codes.

 This was the end for May Edition 2021 of Rocket League Codes. Till then Stay Safe, Stay Home.