QuickShortcutMaker 2.4.0 – Download and Route For Android APK

About QuickShortcutMaker: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Name – QuickShortcutMaker

Requirement – Android 1.6 and up

Version – 2.4.0

Developer – Sika524

File size – 2 MB

Available on – Install from Google play store

Licence – Free

QuickShortcutMaker is an Associate in the Nursing application that may be accustomed to produce shortcuts in your applications and for software package tasks, these items you expect and realized by to its name. And by this application, By QuickShortcutMaker you’ll create shortcuts on the robot home screen for software package tasks or for the precise actions of different apps. This implies that you simply will produce a route to WhatsApp even as simply as you’ll produce a route to Associate in a Nursing software package that you simply ordinarily haven’t got quick access to. QuickShortcutMaker is an Associate in the Nursing application that provides over what you expect initially look.

It’s quite ideal for quickly accessing your application menus and in settings. QuickShortcutMaker may be a terribly straightforward and straightforward application that will precisely By his name: For making shortcuts on the desktop of your robot device. you’ll produce shortcuts to applications moreover as processes and activities. one of the strengths of QuickShortcutMaker is that it allows you to customize your shortcuts. you’ll opt for the icon moreover because the name of the route, that makes it straightforward to mask shortcuts if you, therefore, opt for.


QuickShortcutMaker Android– a pair of.4.0

By QuickShortcutMaker you’ll instantly easily access completely different tasks running on your robot phone or in your pill. however, before it, you would like to certify all of them fulfill their target.

Accessing your smartphone‘s settings to find a running app will be quite a too long task: Android’s menu does not stand out for its usability and that we will take quite your time looking for the task we’re trying to find.

A route to running tasks and applications

By QuickShortcutMaker we tend to will easily come up with a shortcut menu that leads the United States of America straight to no matter what we want at in a given moment. For that purpose, we tend to solely got to transfer the APK to our phone or in pill and once the app is put in at that time we’ll have access to a route menu. the applying comes alongside a built-in search engine in that we tend to solely need to introduce the name of the app to recover it from all the put in apps, together with Associate in Nursing access to our favorite applications.

Shortcuts to apps put in on your robot and running tasks.
These square measure the most options and functions of this app:

Filter by tasks/activities, applications, and favorites.

Carry out searches victimization keywords.

Choose between Associate in Nursing progressive or traditional search mode.

Order the results alphabetically.

Shows icons on the list to access them simply and easier.

Search history.

Swap task icons.

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Launch actions and certify they are doing what they ought to do.

Check and share app data.

Create shortcuts from your home screen.

Access their Google Play page direct from the app.
Covering a scarcity within the robot software package
This application has been enforced to correct a flaw in Google’s mobile software package. Despite the enhancements enforced in robot versions of the likes of candy or biscuit, the latter square measure still removed from excellent. We’re still missing a good task manager that permits the United States of America to find no matter what we would like.

In turn, this app additionally fulfills the useful operate of simply locating all those applications that we do not use too often Associate in Nursingd that we tend to typically notice them laborious to seek out amongst all people whom we’ve downloaded to our smartphone while not inserting access on our home screen.

Furthermore, it additionally avoids the United States of America having to put in a launcher, Associate in the Nursing application that a lot of users are not too keen on as they like cleaner versions of the software package moreover as lower resource consumption.

Best Tips For The description of fast route Maker

This fast route maker Apk may facilitate the United States of America fast launch some common options by produce short cut keys, Like:
Adjusts the quantity with fast route maker Apk;
Locks screen with fast route maker Apk;
Turns on/off the electric lamp with fast route maker Apk;
Checks the app data in your smartphone with fast route maker Apk;
One-touch dialing with fast route maker Apk;
Put the contact data of common contacts directly on the desktop. you’ll even come upon a wall of common contacts with dialing operate. attempt it now;


Ways To Succeed at Benefits of QuickShortcutMaker:

This fast short cut maker Apk will scale back the loss of the physical buttons(the volume buttons、the power button) and extend the service life of the button.

Once the physical buttons don’t seem to be operating well, this fast route maker Apk is an ideal substitute.

By this APP, you can :
Create a route key to turns on/off the electric lamp…
Create a route key to adjusts the quantity.
Create a route key to locks screen.
Create a route key to fast launch and checks the app data on your smartphone.

What Everyone Must Know About Here’s a full list of the options and functions we will notice in QuickShortcutMaker:

Check the application’s complete data by accessing the robot app manager.
Filter system tasks and put in apps by winding up keyword searches.
Possibility to decide on between a standard Associate in Nursingd a progressive search mode.
Sort leads to alphabetical order.
Check the search history allotted on the app.
Create your own Favorites list.
Launch actions and ensure they extremely do what they’re speculated to.

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