Promise never land season 2 web series is an animation series based on the manga of the same name by Kaiu Shirai and illustrator Posuka Dumuzi. The series is set up in Grace Field house which is an isolated orphanage that is home to dozens of children. It is an idyllic place for living as children are looked after well by their mom Isabella, eat nice food, and receive a good education. The story of the series mostly revolves around young Emma and her two friends Norman and Ray who discovers a horrifying truth behind their existence and set out for escape.

The series had great reviews since the year 2019 for its unique, different art and style and visuals, great writing, characters, and dread-filled environment. A unique anime show of the recent years and its seasons are addictive, appealing to watch. There are lots of twists included in its 12 episodes. The season-1 ended on a cliffhanger promising to bring more adventure next time. Season 2 will be launched in January 2021.

Amazon is developing an American live-action TV show in the month of December 2020. It is one of the best selling manga series.

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The story is set up in the year 2045 and includes a girl named Emma of 11 years old whose living in Grace Field House a self- contained orphanage housing Emma and 37 other children. Their lives are better with tasty food, comfortable beds, clean clothes, several games, and love from their mom Isabella. The intelligent and cheerful girl Emma always secures good marks with her two friends Ray and Norman. The children are allowed with complete freedom except to roam around the gates and grounds which connects the orphanage to the outside world.

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One night, an orphan named Conny is being sent away for his adoption, Emma and Norman follow her after noticing that she has left her stuff toy named little bunny at the orphanage home. At the gate, Conny is found dead and the truth of their existence is realized by them in this idyllic orphanage to be raised and butchered and are sold as meat to the demons. Determined and focused on the goal to get out of the Grace field house Emma and Norman join Ray in finding the way to escape along with their other sibling.


  • Emma
  • Norman
  • Ray
  • Mom Isabella and many more.

Season – 2 of the series was scheduled to release in the month of October 2020 but due to covid-19, it was postponed. The series is rescheduled to release in the month of January 2021. The promise neverland season-2 series is a Japanese manga-based anime web series that is filled with thrill, dark fantasy, science fiction. Its first season was hit and liked by the audience due to which season-2 is set to be launched and released.


The Promised Neverland is 2019’s biggest anime releases. It’s season-1 concluded in the month of March. The series story largely focuses on the lives of the orphanages and three friends Emma, Ray, and Norman who live in the orphanage and their lives have been full of joy. The orphanage is like a farm where children are raised and given to demons to eat. The anime focuses heavily on being work built around suspense and there is a slight bit of horror which moves forward similar to the discovery of Conny’s body. Emma and her friends work towards their escape plan. Isabella even goes too far by trying to break the leg of Emma and shares how children have lived a happy life and can die quickly. Between the friends working together and chilling moments and scenes with Isabella The Promised Neverland series gives its audience interest to know that what will happen next.

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The journey with the children in the series and season provides moments of joy and heartbreaking. The show delivers thrills, tension, and great characters and uses all these three aspects intact which produces excitement among the audience of what will happen next.


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