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Pc games 88: Highly compressed pc games (Multiplayer game)

PC Games 88 is a website from which you can download PC games and you can enjoy using and playing with the games free of charge. The entire article provides you with an introduction to and every sort of game that you can get from PC Games 88.

Action, Adventure, Battle, Cricket Games, GTA, Horror, Puzzle, Racing, Shooting, Stimulation, Strategy are all games on the website.

Pc games 88: Download games for PC

The programmer offers information on each and every sort of game with a lot of details about that game. So, it makes it easy for people to see whether the game is beneficial or not.

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*SkyDrift Pc Game Free Download:-

SkyDrift- Get closer than ever to the world of sky-racing adrenaline pumping, where flyboys can test and master their flying and fighting abilities against the deadliest.

Get closer than ever to the world of sky-racing adrenaline pumping, where flyboys will test and master their flying and fighting abilities against the deadliest enemies!

Admire the extremely detailed terrain. Unlock state-of-the-art aeroplanes and use exclusive racing skins to personalize them.

Pc games 88: Download games for PC

Be the first to deal with single and multiplayer challenges, where only your own creativity limits possibilities. The objective is easy: shoot them down if you can’t overtake them!

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Key Features:-

Eight New Planes to Fly: For a total of 32 exclusive racing skins, pick from eight modern, state-of-the-art aeroplanes converted into killing machines, each with four different skins. The Power-ups Six! Capture up to two separate powers in the arsenal of your aircraft, then gather updates to improve the strength of those existing powers. As you have to choose which powers to maintain, which ones to upgrade, and which ones to turn into Boost energy, strategy becomes key. Stunning Visuals: Race with breathtaking, vivid colours through scenic venues like the Grand Canyon, Alaskan Terrain, and the Hawaiian Islands.

8-person Multiplayer:

In this quick and furious combat, take down your mates online.

– Power Race Mode is high-speed racing combined with power-ups; Speed Race Mode in which players navigate the course through ring goals that boost plane speed; and Survival Mode in which pilots race against each other and against the countdown clock.

*Door Kickers 2 Task Force North Game Free Download Door Kickers 2:

Task Force North-Command Army Special Operations Teams in military action against a terrorist network located in the Middle East. Follow-up to RockPaperShotgun … Charge package,’ my leader from the Alpha Team said. Not knowing what was waiting behind the door for us, I ordered “Burn it” on the radio. He responded, “Burning.”

Sliding his finger into the ignition system’s pull ring, he pushed the pin in, rotated it around for a quarter turn, and pulled the pin in. When the sound of shredding timber filled the air, the night was no longer dark.

Pc games 88: Download games for PC

Windows broke and fell to the ground with bits of glass. The walls around me shook. Where a door once stood, there remained only smoke. Men poured into the unknown like water bursting out from a dam. -of Marty Skovlund’s “Abuse of Action”


*Highly compressed pc games:-

Using specialized archive processes that are not built-in to Windows, most games that you download will be compressed. You’ll need a special extraction programmed in order to remove the files for these games after installing them. 7-Zip (7-zip.org) and WinRAR (rarlab.com) are two of the mop game download.

*PC game download:-

Owing to the rise of the Internet, more and more people are now given the opportunity to experience all the adrenaline-pumping action brought on by PC gamers. The best thing is that people only have to log in to their machine and download a few files and updates in order to play these games. Of course, if you are planning to download huge files, having a fast Internet connection is a must, and once you have managed to do so you just have to sit back and install the game.

The biggest advantage of playing downloadable games on your PC is that purchasing other game consoles will save you a lot of money. You can watch movies using your personal computer, type using a word processor, and browse the Internet. The Internet features have already been adopted by some gaming consoles, but none gets closer to what the PC can bring. In short, you already have an all-in-one computer with a PC, which allows you to take a break from gaming once in a while to concentrate on other things, such as finishing your project.


Ocean of games enables to download games free of cost. It enables to review ratings, charts of best and top-rated games by the official ocean of games 2018. It includes adventurous and action games. These games are easy to download and can also be installed on a PC. It is considered to be the best source for downloading and installing PC games.  There are various games which can be downloaded like cartel tycoon, way landers, RPG, tennis world tour 2, etc.


GTA San Andreas is an action game. It can be downloaded on a PC. New updates are regularly added to the game like players can drive a bicycle, he can jump and shoot, different types of vehicles are rolling in the city. It is one of the amazing multiplayer game with almost 10 million servers included in it.


It is an highly compressed game which can be played and downloaded  on PC for free.  The game has an amazing environment with great visuals. In the game player can take any kind of car but cannot take police car as it will result in going to jail for one day. There are three types of attacks which a player can use and aim is to destroy the enemies from his motherland.


GTA vice city is an action game that can be downloaded and played on PC. A multiplayer game that involves fights with gangs. Cars and heavy beautiful bikes are provided to the player. The game is popular among people. It is considered to be an interesting action and adventurous game.


A modern warfare game that can be downloaded and played on PC for free. It is popular among people due to its visuals and exciting, interesting gaming experience. A shooting genre game in which enemies are required to be killed on their bases and save the people. It can be played with your friends. Different types of guns are available for players and players can shoot from different angles.


GTA 3 is an action game that includes several missions. There are different types of weapons available for defeating enemies. The visuals and gameplay of the game are great and interesting. It includes almost about 50 missions that are required to be completed in a given time. The game is popular among people and can be downloaded and played on a PC for free.


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