PBS Kids: Play and Learn with us

PBS Kids is the best platform for the kids to play their favourite games. This platform is the best combination of education and games. Parents need not to worry anymore as PBS Kids has the best collection of games.

The platform has games for all the age groups. For each age group that games vary according to there schooling level. We have games for preschool, early preschool to early elementary school. With the huge variety of games, the kids might need guidance from their parents on what game suits their age group.

The website is made very attractive and interactive so as the kids would love it. There are various division that are made in the website. Each section in the website has variety of games within. The most interesting feature of the website is that, as you point towards a certain section. The website boot will speak the title of that section.

PBS Kids has variety of sections namely Popular Games , New Games , Puzzling games,  Art Games and so on. We will explain you each section in depth as we move ahead in the article.

PBS Kids Category

PBS Kids Category – Popular Games

These category of games in PBS Kids has the popular games. As the name suggests these games are loved by all the age group of kids. In this category of games, it is mixture of all the games. It has puzzle, Matching games Find the difference games, Racing games, Drawing games and many more.


 Few names of the games under the category are Super Snowboard, Splash Dash, Explore With Molly, Racing Rapids, Roll to the rescue, and the list goes on. All the games are very interesting for the kids to play.

PBS Kids Category-  The Art Games

Under this category you will find all the games related to art. So, you kid can play with colours, draw a new character. Get your kid familiar with all the different shades of colours with the help of this section. This section is loved by pre-schoolers as colour fascinate them. Your kid can learn to bead and make stickers for themselves.

So now you can select from the variety of games for your kids. You can make you kid create a storybook with the help Super why Storybook Creator. Your kid can also create a card with  the help for Make a Card. The Arthur’s Puppet Theatre also has a lot of art stuff hidden for your kid. Explore the section on PBS Kids to learn more.

PBS Kids Category – Problem Solving.

Get your kids mind engaged for solving various problems with the help of games. PBS Kids helps to enhance your kid’s problem-solving abilities with various games. There are various rescue games included in the category. You can also find various quest games also under the category.

Few names of games under the category are Treehouse Trouble, Hamster Run, Crossroads, code breaker and many more. The category has games for preschool to elementary school.

PBS Kids Category- Teamwork Games

Under the Teamwork category of games, you kids will learn how to work under a team. This will enhance their abilities of co-ordination and working together as whole team. PBS Kids will help your kids to learn and help them to develop and have overall development.

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Teamwork Games category of games have Leaf Leader, Buzz and Delete Save The Date, Mission Earth, Dark Bunny needs your help and many more.

PBS Kids Category – Math Games

Under this category you will find math related quest games.  It includes games like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. With the help these games you can make kids learn and play at the same time.

You can explore PBS Kids to get explore various sections. I hope you will like the website.  Get your kids engaged with the learning process with fun loving games.


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