Nintendo Switch OLED: Announcement and Pre-order details

News Alert for all the gamers!

After a very long wait there something new and exciting is coming on the market! Put your hard earn money in the right place now.  Your favorite console is coming soon. Nintendo Switch OLED Model is finally announced in the marketing. There are a lot of changes and upgrade that you will get with the new model.

The upgrade in the model is going to be huge this time. Before getting into the details about how to pre-order the model. Let us understand the basic functions and updates in the model. And also how this model is different from the other models.

About Nintendo Switch OLED Model

  Nintendo Switch OLED Model is going to be out on 8 October 2021. The console has some major changes and updates.  The new model will have a larger and brighter 7-inch screen. It will also include a wide kickstand which makes the tabletop play better.  Audio quality will also be enhanced in the handheld mode. The storage space will be 64 GB for the games.

Just like the 2017 Nintendo Switch this console also has a slot that helps you connect the console with your TV. This feature helps to get you to connect it with the TV and play it at home. The most important edition is that the TV dock will have a LAN port. For all those gamers who like to play online.  There are three different models the Switch, the Switch Lite, and the OLED. All the models support all the existing games of Nintendo.

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How to pre-order The Nintendo Switch OLED?

Now comes the time to answer the biggest question! So, as it is seen that the model is not available with any retailers in the UK. The only place where you can find is the official Nintendo website. On the website, there is a dedicated section for registering. So set your plans straight for the registration. It is always better to register at the official website in the register interest section.

There will many other sites that will co-relate like Amazon and other sites. But it is better and safe to go to the official site. Other options are anyways always open.

What is the Pricing of Switch OLED?

 The pricing of Switch OLED in the US is estimated at around $350. There no details about the pricing in the UK. We think that the price of the console might now differ that much from that of the US. It can be estimated around £329-£349. We will update you with the proper pricing and more information as we get to know.

Pre- Order your Nintendo Switch OLED Now! Stay Tuned for further updates.