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NFL Rushing Leaders – Active Players, Stats and More

NFL Rushing Leaders

Who are some of the best pass rushers in NFL history?

NFL Rushing Leaders flying around with wings is nothing but flying NFL rushing leaders, The NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE is a professional American Football league consisting of a total of 32 teams that are divided equally between the National Football Conference abbreviated as NFC and American Football Conference abbreviated as AFC. It is one of the 4 major professional sports leagues in North America and it is the highest football professional in the world.

Besides being the highest professional level of American football in the world it is also one of the 4 major professional leagues in North America. The 17 weeks regular season starts from September to late December with 16 games that are played by each team having one bye week. It was formed in 1920 as an American professional football association that is abbreviated as APFA before it was renamed to the national football league in 1922 season.

The green bay packers always hold the most combined NFL championship 13, before winning 9 titles before the super bowl era and 4 super bowls afterward. During the 1st 5 years, the uneven competition among the NFL rushing leaders and low attendance of the AFL, a generous television contract with the AMERICAN BROADCASTING COMPANY buttressed the league followed by a contract with the NATIONAL BROADCASTING COMPANY for games starting with the 1965 season that broadcast the more offense-oriented football league throughout the nation.


While we continue to the top talents from the colleges and the NFL rushing leaders by the mid of 1960 and the successful franchise shifts from Los Angeles which is located south of San Diego and Texans located at the north of Kansas City established a dictation in many fields. The transformation that the struggling Titans went through into the New York Jets under new ownership helped to further solidify the reputation of the league among the rush of media. As the increment in the fierce competition, the salaries skyrocketed in both the leagues after a series of raids that took place at that time.


In fact, this led the leagues to the merger in 1966. Among the conditions were a common draft and a championship game that had to be played between the 2 league champions in early 1967 that would slowly and eventually come to be known as the super bowl. Both the AFL and NFL operated as 2 separate leagues till 1970 with separate regular seasons and schedules of playoffs except for the championship game.

The NFL commissioner Pete Rozella became the chief executive of the AFL from July throughout the completion of the merger that had been a part of the deal acceptance. This was the time when AFL actually showed great expansion adding Miami Dolphins and Cincinnati Bengal. The Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland raiders caused a huge loss in the 1st 2 AFL-NFL game championship to the green bay packers, the New York jets and the chiefs won super bowl 3 and 4 adjacently. This claimed the league to be equal to NFL.

In the 1950s the major league baseball was found to be the major rivals as the earlier proved to be one of the most popular professional sports leagues in the United States. Chicago Cardinals owned by the Bidwill family did not share in this newfound success of the league who had become overshadowed by the more popular Chicago Bears.

The earlier wished to move their franchise to St. Louis as preferable but it actually could not come in terms with the league that demanded money before it would even appear to move. In the need of cash, the Bidwill’s began to entertain various offers that would come from investors or one of those men who really approached the Bidwill. His name was Lamar Hunt. He was the son and heir of millionaire oilman H. L. Hunt. HE also offered to buy the Cardinals and move them to where he had grown up, Dallas. But these negotiations did not really work out well since it gave nothing even though Bidwill insisted on controlling the interests in the franchise and they were unwilling to move their team to a city where the previous franchise had accepted a failure.


Bud Adams, Bob Hossam and Max Winter also came forward with the same offer yet all in vain. When they were finally unable to secure the controlling interest in the cardinals, they chose to approach the NFL commissioner Bert Bell and they proposed the addition of the expansion teams. Bell Wary of expanding the 12-team leagues and risking the newfound success rejected the offer and on his return in a flight, Hunt conceived the idea of an entirely new league and decided to contact the others who had shown interest in purchasing the cardinals previously.

Top 20 NFL Rushing Leaders Active Players

Frank Gore
Adrian Peterson
LeSean McCoy
Marshawn Lynch
Mark Ingram
Le’Veon Bell
Alfred Morris
Lamar Miller
Ezekiel Elliott
Todd Gurley
Doug Martin
Cam Newton
Carlos Hyde
Latavius Murray
Melvin Gordon
Russell Wilson
Devonta Freeman
Jordan Howard
Derrick Henry
Isaiah Crow

In addition to those 3 who were actually interested in this offer he also connected to Bill Boyer, Winter’s business partner in order to gauge the interest in starting a new league. His 1st meeting with Adams was held in March. He who felt a regional rivalry considering it a very critical step for the success of the new league and hence convinced Adams to join and found his team in Huston. He next secured an agreement to bring up a team to Denver. Presently the 13 opponents with each team facing over 16-game regular-season schedules are set using a pre-determined formula.

The opening day is usually kept Thursday in the honor of the leagues defending champions. So, this was all that we had about the NFL rushing leaders who were the reasons for the agitation of the league up till here to date.

NFL Rushing Leaders Stats

Emmitt Smith^18,355
Walter Payton^16,726
Frank Gore*15,347
Barry Sanders^15,269
Adrian Peterson*14,216
Curtis Martin^14,101
LaDainian Tomlinson^13,684
Jerome Bettis^13,662
Eric Dickerson^13,259
Tony Dorsett^12,739
Jim Brown^12,312
Marshall Faulk^12,279
Edgerrin James12,246
Marcus Allen^12,243
Franco Harris^12,120

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