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Netflix Travel Shows Worth Watching While you’re quarantined

If you are being quarantined for a while, now you will be thinking about what you can when you watch for these 14 days. Well, last year none of us can travel because of coronavirus and this year few people are being Quarantine and want to travel.

None of us can travel anyway so why not watch some driver shows and let’s see if we can go around the world this year. So if you can’t I will be can watch some show to satisfy our need to go out and socialize and travel this beautiful world. Hair we have lesser down view Netflix shows that you must watch if you are missing traveling:-


Emily in paris

If you want to travel to Paris and you can’t right now here is a perfect show for you to just look at and have some beautiful moments to capture of Paris. emily in Paris revolve around a girl named Emily. She is from the USA and because of a job she was transferred to Paris. This is a story of Emily how she fits in Paris as a social media manager and content creator.

In some of the scenes of Emily in Paris you will really fall in love with Paris and really want to travel. Some scenes have been captured in such a beautiful way and Paris as a usual very pretty amazing city the cinematographer of the Emily in Paris did a great job by capturing some of the most beautiful places of Paris more beautifully.


Street food

Street food is something that you missed during the quarantine and lockdown period. Here is one show that I recommend you to watch if you are messing going out and eating food like nothing is happening in there is no time limit for you and you can eat without using sanitizer or wearing a mask. Street food is something that you must watch if you miss all of those things.

But whatever the situation is don’t just follow that they used to follow like not wearing mask and not using sanitizer these are not new normal and not safe at all. So, if you are watching street food and getting carried away by it just remember we are still in between of the pandemic.

Game of thrones

This is one of the shows that is very hyped up and everyone loves watching Game of Throne not respect our storyline and Plot but also because of the way and where it has been shot. This is a sure that you will not feel very much about but the lands of Westeros and Essos  is something that you won’t resist.

Tales by light

This is an Australian based show and it is really a breathtaking documentary. Tails by light is about some professional photograph taking some powerful images and making them more beautiful. From swimming with manta rays and some scenes from Holi from India are breathtaking and something that will stun you.

This is a recommendation that I give you for your Quarantine period and you can enjoy it while sitting at your home and looking at different places in the world. You can thank me later for all these shows and all of these are available on Netflix. So go ahead and watch it!

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