NBA 2k21 : Locker Codes (Active Codes)

Sports games are the ultimate fun for all game lovers. These games have the thrill as well as the fun of the sport. The games are very popular among sports fans and in the gaming world. There are many features that are available in the game.

It becomes very important to maintain your repo in sports games. To built and collect all the players of the top arena you should need the right talent. But talent is not the only thing in the games. NBA brings in and combines talent and understanding of the game.

 Get all the latest players and rewards with all the gaming hacks. You will receive many codes and hacks throughout the game that might be very useful for you. This helps you maintain your repo in the game while keeping you on the leader board.

What are  Locker Codes in NBA?

Locker codes are in the form of text, which helps to get various rewards. These codes will help you boost in MY team level in 2k21 by getting Packs, Tokens, and VC. The best fact about locker codes expires in one week. However, some of the codes never expire.

Some people do not receive their VC with a purchase offer. You can Support tweet on Twitter this issue will resolve soon, and you will not lose any VC.

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How to Redeem codes in NBA 2k21 (Locker Codes)?

Redeeming the code is the most important part of the game. We will guide you step by step to know all the steps to redeem the codes. It is the most simple process of redeeming the codes.

Step 1:Go to My Team.  The main menu of the game

Step 2: Scroll over to Settings. Locate it  at the far right corner.

Step 3: Go to the Locker Codes option and enter the code you want.

Step 4: Enter the valid code and redeem it.

Follow the simple steps and get the rewards. It will be very simple in redeeming the codes if you follow the guide. Even the first time users can redeem the code with ease.

 NBA 2K21 Locker (Active Codes)

    • Reward: A Gladiator pack, Badge pack, or Tokens
    • Expiration date: June 8
    • Reward: An Out of Position 2, Flash 9, Enshrined or Fan Favourites Pack
    • Expiration date: June 8
    • Reward: A Diamond Consumables pack, or Tokens
    • Expiration date: June 11
    • Reward: A Free Agent Kevin Durant
    • Expiration date: July 16
    • Reward: A token, Contract pack, Basketball pack, and a Shoe pack.
    • Expiration date: Never

NBA 2k21 Locker Codes – June (Active Codes)

All these codes will be useful in the month of June for NBA. Use these codes for the whole month and get the best rewards.

    • Release Date :6/04/2021
    • Valid until : 06/11/21
    • Release Date: 6/04/2021
    • Valid until :06/11/21
    • Release Date :6/03/2021
    • Valid until : 07/16/21

NBA 2k21 Locker Codes ( Never Expire)

These are the few codes that are valid all round the year. Check them out and enjoy their rewards.  We will update more and more codes in the list as we get a hand on them.

    • Release Date :9/3/2020
    • Valid until:  Never Expires
    • Reward: 1 Token, Shoe Pack, Contract Pack, and also Basketball Pack
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Make optimum utilization of the codes in the month. We will get you updated with more codes in the coming months. So, make sure that you check back on our website and know all the latest updated codes.

Use the right codes, and don’t be misguided with the expired codes. Check our website and get the latest code. Stay Safe. Keep Playing.