National Pension Scheme (NPS) 2020: Scheme Overview, Benefit & Know How to open an NPS account

The National Pension System (NPS) which was earlier known as National Pension Scheme which is applicable to all the citizens who are living in India. The NPS invests its subscribers, contribution into the various market-linked instrument. In the contribution made by the subscriber, it applies an interest of 12% to 14%.

Any citizen of India who comes under the age of 18 to 60 has the authority to open an account in an NPS. NPS is being regulated by the pension fund regulatory authority of India (PFRDA). It is being fully grown up at the age of 60 but if the citizens in case want to extend up to 70 age he/she can.
After three years of opening an account in NPS, the citizen can partially withdraw up to 25% off its contribution for a specific and genuine reason which may include home buying, children’s education, and much other serious illness.

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The NPS has four benefit classes which include:-

Asset class E:- invest in equities or stocks.
Asset class C:– invest in Corporate Bonds.
Asset class G:- invest in Central or State Government Bonds.
Asset class A:- invest in alternative assets like Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) and Infrastructure Investment Trusts(InVITs).

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*Who should invest in NPS:-

Every citizen of India from the age of 18 to 60 can invest in NPS for their retirement having at the low-risk appetite.

Every person from a private-sector job can get the benefit of retirement after the age of 60 from the national pension scheme.


Systemic investment can make your massive Difference in your life post-retirement.

Salaried people who want to make their life easy and safe can have this scheme.

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*How to open an NPS account:-

To open an NPS account it contains both modes: online mode as well as offline mode.

Offline mode:-

• Firstly to open an account in NPS the candidate must have a PoP ( point of presence) , it could be a bank to.

• After that collect a subscriber form from near PoPAnd submit along with the KYC papers.

• Once you start making an investment in that ( it should not less than RS 500 or RS 250, monthly, and RS 1000 annually), the PoP will send you the PRAN( PERMANENT RETIREMENT ACCOUNT NUMBER).

• This number and password are considered to be a Password key that helps you in operating your account.

• Rs 125 Is a one-time registration fee for this form.

Online mode:-

• It is now very simple to open an account for NPS online.

• It takes only half an hour to apply online.

• Opening an account online ( is easy if you link your account to PAN, Aadhar, and mobile number.

• You can continue your registration by entering the OTP send to your mobile number.

• And this will generate a PRAN ( permanent retirement account number) You can use to operate your account.