Modern Strike Online v1.40.1 Mod Apk Download [Unlimited ammo, Mod unlimited bullets, Rapid Fire, Speed Jump]

Modern Strike Online v1.40.1 Mod Apk, The game lies in the category of shooting games. It is developed by Azur Interactive Games Unlimited. It’s a modern combat game and enables one to discover the warrior within the player. Call off duty game involves immersive combat experience on android devices with console standard graphics. It consists of a broad range of weapons, a variety of maps to explore and master them. It includes an online multiplayer system. It includes seven different game modes for playing.

Modern Strike Online v1.40.1 Mod Apk, The game also includes a single-mode for playing with online players from all around the world. The game involves activities like to dispose of bombs, team combat, and many more. The gameplay of the game involves gun machines known as Uzi which is considered to be an ideal weapon for beginners in the game. It’s extremely cheap to maintain the weapon and save money to buy better weapons. Upgrading to a better weapon known as AA 13. It’s a versatile and cost-effective weapon for up-gradation. The game usually centers around shooting, so weapons should be maintained in a regular manner by keeping them well-maintained and in good working condition. Grenades are used which are considered the most dangerous weapons in the game and players should stock it as much as possible.

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FEATURES OF THE GAME – [Modern Strike Online v1.40.1 Mod Apk]

Modern Strike Online v1.40.1 Mod Apk Download [Unlimited ammo, Mod unlimited bullets, Rapid Fire, Speed Jump]
  1. Three combat modes are available.
  2. Opportunities have created a game with its own rules and regulations for friends.
  3. There are various battlefields to choose from.
  4. There are 7 maps available in the game for different tactics and finding the enemy’s weak spots.
  5. There are 25 types of weapons available like the pistol, guns, sub guns, grenades, and body armors.
  6. The customization of weapons is there.
  7. Various options are available of barrels and stocks in the game.
  8. Regular updates are provided in the game.
  9. The best graphics and perfectly matched sound are there in the game.
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MOD APK VERSION NEW FEATURES – [Modern Strike Online v1.40.1 Mod Apk]

  • Battle of the season up to 6 levels is included in the game.
  • Two new skins are available BOPE and undercover agents.
  • New weapons are available with unique features like Wild camouflage and Rainbow Kerambit.
  • New head wears are available.
  • Unique season 6 content is included in the game.
  • A new armor set has been added for up to level 40.
  • Voice chat is added.
  • A new map of Afghanistan is added to the game.
  • The anti-cheat is updated.
  • There is a new user interface upgraded.
  • Minor bugs are fixed.
  • Weapons are upgraded with guaranteed results.
  • Unlimited ammo is available in the game.
  • A rapid firing feature is included.
  • A speed jump feature is also included.

The modern strike online game consists of beautiful modern graphics with lots of different weapons, maps, daily rewards, and easy, intuitive controls. Daily tasks have to be completed to earn various prizes. Good tactics, strategy skills, thinking is required and also team-work is required.

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STEPS TO DOWNLOAD THE GAME -[Modern Strike Online v1.40.1 Mod Apk]

Modern Strike Online v1.40.1 Mod Apk Download [Unlimited ammo, Mod unlimited bullets, Rapid Fire, Speed Jump]
  • First, download the APK file of the game.
  • Then, install the app from the Google play store.
  • After the installation, open the app.
  • Then, enjoy playing the game.

It’s an exciting action game to play with other players online. Taking part in battles and upgrading the position in the game with the help of several weapons and locations of battles. It is a virtual game world in which finding players and defeating the opponents in battles. There are small training sessions or stages in the game which show how to shoot,  move around the location, and change the weapons. The game includes various bonuses and medals for players. Buying of powerful weapons and durable armor helps the player to win the battles and defeat the opponents easily. Guns can be customized by turning them into machine guns.  The speed to aim, speed of the bullet, firepower accuracy, etc all these features of guns are increased in a significant manner in the game.

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It’s an all-time action-packed game in which teams are created in an online battle along with other online players. Great and powerful armed forces are teamed together to fight on the battlefield with dangerous opponents. Dual matches, special operations, team bomb battles, deathmatch is available in the game. Up-gradation of locations, weapons, and maps are there to play with their own style in these 14 unique maps with distinct surroundings. With its best and visually appealing graphics, players from all around the world are attracted to play the game for a long duration of time.