Mayans Mc is a Mexican- American crime drama series which is created by Kurt Sutter and Elgin James. It was premiered on September 4 2018 on F.X. The series takes place in a fictional universe as Sons of Anarchy and deals with son’s rivals turned allies, The Mayans Motorcycle Club. In October 2018, its second season was launched which premiered on  September 3. 2019.

The series takes place in the fictional  California border town of Santo Padre. The series focuses on the struggles of Eziekels, a prospect in the charter of Mayans M.C. which is based on the U.S. Mexico border. EZ is the gifted son of a proud Mexican family. The season-2 of the series has largely focused on EZ settling in the MC culture.


The story takes place in the fictional town of California which is a border town of Santo Padre. The series focuses on the struggles of Ezekiel also called EZ. A prospect in the charter of the Mayans MC Based on the border of the U.S. and Mexico. Ezekiel is considered to be the gifted son of the Mexican family whose American dream was snuffed out by the violent cartel. Now the need for vengeance drives him to the life he never intended and never escapes.


  1. J.D. pardo as Eziekel who is angel’s younger brother and felipe’s son.
  2. Sarah Bolger as Emily Thomson EZ Childhood Sweetheart
  3. Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes EZ‘s elder brother, Felipe’s son
  4. Michael Irby as Obispo as Bishop losa
  5. Carla Baratta as Adelita
  6. Richard Carbel as Johnny el coco, a former marine sniper
  7. Raoul Trijulio taza romerio
  8. Antonio Jaramillo as Michael riz ariza
  9. Danny pino as Miguel galindo
  10. Edward james olmos as felipe reyes strong Mexican patriarch
  11. Emilio Rivera a Marcus alverza former president of Mayan mc.


The series provides a clean slate of characters and its plot. An exploitation free approach to violence and its consequences is showcased in the series. The plot showcases EZ spending several years in jail after killing a cop.  EZ is following the footsteps of brother angel. Mayans are in an uneasy alliance with the Galindo cartel. The story is a problematic and emotionally driven and rough story. Miguel’s relation with Mayans mc is not overwhelming and friendly but mutual respect for the territorial concerns. A new group is included in the story which threatens the cartel for their several years of unauthorized lethal justice which enables them to kick off some interesting triangle struggle between different forces. It is a son of anarchy spin-off series which provides a fun and refreshing rush to its audience. It enables to development of connections between the audience through their plot and characters.

MC Mayans is a thrilling drama with compelling, appealing characters but it struggles in the context of finding its pace. The series is a victim of circumstances that undertakes the degree of badness which is considered as an accepted norm.

The first season of the Mayans MC which is a spin-off of the Sons of anarchy series introduces the audience to its main character named EZ Reyes who is a former Stanford-bound golden boy whose life got miserable by committing a crime. EZ becomes the prospect of the biker gang named Mayans MC where his brother Angel is also a member of it. Angel has a plan to take down Miguel Galindo who is the head of the Galindo Cartel who uses Mayans for his criminal schemes.  EZ pledges to help his brother Angel with his plans. Mayans MC has also a female character named Sarah Bolger as a school sweetheart of EZ and Miguel’s wife Emily and many more characters.  Son of Anarchy’s characters is also there which includes Gemma Teller Morrow and Happy Lowman.


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