Mario & Sonic at Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: All you need to know

Mario has always been the most loved character in the world of video games. And how can one forget about Sonic, he is played with us throughout our childhood. Tag along with your friends to experience the best combination in history. Team Nintendo Switch has brought the deadly combination of Mario and Sonic in an action pack series of Sports events.

The only option you have is to bring your best moves to the track, to the ring, or to the gym. As the gameplay won’t stop now. There are games for everyone to enjoy. The team is all here!! You can choose to play as Mario or Sonic or maybe from one of the star-studded casts in the game.

Choose from the variety of options available in the game. Get the best modes that suit you. The different modes in the game are contest mode, multiplayer mode story mode, and many more. The best mode of all is the story mode! You cannot miss the excitement of Story mode. As the epic story mode sends to 1964 to a complete classic, retro 2B sports events.

Let us understand each game in the deadly combination brought by Nintendo Games. Dive into the article to get your hands on the game as we understand each one of them. Just like a real Olympic Game, there are going to be many events.

List of Events on Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Sports Climbing

Select from your favorite character and start the game. The gameplay is very simple.  One has to climb as they can. Pass through all the obstacles and get the bonus points. Climb as much as you in the given time. As each step counts in the game.  Get set gear up!

Skateboarding – Park

Be the King of Skateboarding. Score and show your best tricks to get a high score. Score many perfects in a row to get a great high score before the time runs out. Garb your Skateboard now and get set Skate.

Swimming – 100M Freestyle

Get your swim costumes on now! Play and defeat all your opponents in the game. Swim 100 M freestyle. Be the quickest swimmer and win the event. So be ready for the fun and thrill in the game that you are going to experience.

Dream Racing

Race your bikes and reach the finish line. In the Dream Racing event, you will get all the adventures packed together. You will need to jump, rave and get through the obstacles and defeat your enemy. Beat all the racers and Win the Dream Racing event.

Long Jump

A Long Jump is a must-have an important event in any Olympics. Tokyo 2020 of Sonic and Mario didn’t miss the best event.  Get your character to have the longest jump. Get yourself a nice long run and get your play to jump as long as possible. The player with the longest Jump wins the game.

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This game is a team event. Get your best set of players and defeat your opponents in a Volleyball match. Score and defeat your enemies. It will be fun to play with your favorite characters on your side of the team.

Mario and Sonic have got you covered with all the events.  Choose your location to play. It could a track, pool, or ring. Team Nintendo has all the events with Mario and Sonic ay Olympics Tokyo 2020. We have mentioned some of the events one can visit the original website to see all the events in the list.

What caused the delay?

Mario and Sonic Olympic Tokyo 2020 was going to release in the year 2020. But as the global pandemic hit the world which gave a rise to the delay. The release is going to released in 2021 with all the action pack performances that the fans were waiting for!

Though the game is getting released in the year 2021 it will retain its original name. it will be called as Mario and Sonic Olympic Tokyo 2020 for name branding purposes.

How can  I Play Mario and Sonic Olympic Games?

Can’t wait to play? We know the wait has already been very long. One can purchase Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 from Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch system. It can also be purchased via this gamepage1. The game’s data will be downloaded to your Nintendo Switch automatically2. Purchase now!

 We hope that you are satisfied with the information that we are providing. Stay Tuned! For more such updates.


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