Made in abyss series is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akihito tsukushi. An anime television series which is an adaption by kinema citrus and aired its first season from July 7 to September 29, 2017. Its sequel film premiered in Japan in the month of January 17, 2020.

The story is about an orphanage girl named Riko who finds and becomes friends with a human-robot named Reg and goes with him to a titular named Abyss which leads to a deep into the earth in the hope of finding her mother. The Orth town is home to the deepest and largest Abyss and where people are cave raiders and their goal is to discover what lies beyond it as well as bring back the mysterious remaining of the old civilization from there. Chances of getting back are less as much further one goes into the hole. Even then so many people take the challenge at the cost of their lives. The series contains 13 episodes.


The plot is about an orphan girl named Riko who lives in belchers Orphanage in the town called Orth. A giant, strange hole surrounds the town which goes deep into the earth which is known as Abyss. The abyss contains artifacts and remains of the old civilizations which are long gone and are a popular hunting spot for cave raiders. The return from the abyss is dangerous as it is cursed with mysterious and harmful diseases. The deeper the person goes more is the effect of the curse. Few people have returned back from the lower region to tell their experiences. Some legendary cave raiders were there who earned the title of white whistle and one of them was Riko’s mother Lyza.

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Riko wants to become like her mother by following in her footsteps and become a White Whistle. One day she finds a robot who looks like a human boy in the Abyss and names him Reg. Riko and her friends take reg along with them and welcome him to their small group. After some time a balloon reaches the surface from a depth of Abyss which contained pages of discoveries made by Riko’s mother Lyza and a message for Riko which stated that her mother is waiting for her at the bottom of the Abyss. Riko determined for finding her mother says goodbye to her friends and leaves for the Abyss with the Reg as her companion.


  • Miyu  Tomita as Riko
  • Mariya Ise as Reg
  • Shelley Calene Black as Narrator
  • Christine m. Auten as Ozen
  • Kyle Jones as Simrad
  • Tetsu Inada as hablog
  • David Harbold as bondrewd
  • Monica rial as Mitty
  • Brittney Karbowski as Nanchi

The main characters of the series include Riko who is an energetic 12-year-old girl who wants to be like her mother who was a cave raider and had disappeared into the Abyss ten years ago. She is currently doing training as a cave raider in an orphanage.

Reg a human-robot who can consume organic food despite being a machine. He has the power to fire a deadly beam that is capable of melting stone. Nanachi is a hollow rabbit-like feature and she resides in a slum who scavenges for food and eats from the trash. Mitty a strange creature who lives with Nanchi on the 4th layer of Abyss. A normal human girl who lives with nanachi and a large group of other orphan children in a mechanical cave-like area.


Made in Abyss is a rare anime series with a fantasy world that has always attracted people and allows them to dream and imagine fantastic things. The world-building is truly attractive, appealing. It has stunning visuals, lovable characters, amazing writing. It includes a roller-coaster of feels whether negative or positive.


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