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Let’s dig in about the Flipkart games


Phentermine Where To Buy Uk None of us had any idea that Flipkart started some games which give you super coins and some vouchers. But guess what who is back with this amazing opportunity for everyone to win some vouchers and gifts from Flipkart, yes this is us!


We have come together to find out more about this Flipkart Fake or not game! And to tell you how you can play this game and went some wonderful gift and vouchers from Flipkart and also some super coins of the Flipkart.


How to apply for the game?

Buy Prescription Phentermine That’s not a very tough job to apply for the game but to make sure that things would be really easy for you, we have jotted down the points so that you can easily apply for this Flipkart Fake or not game

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http://mjfurnitureenterprise.com/trading-forward-rate-agreements/ The very first thing you have to do is to download the Flipkart app and log in. Well, this is the most basic step and you know this but we got to do the job.

Cheap Phentermine Diet Pills Now if you already have the app you just need to update it so that you can play the game and be a part of this amazing contest. If you will not update the app the quiz option will not be shown. And it will take you to some other place.

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The third thing for you to do is go to Flipkart videos action and you will see a video there of the game fake or not? Then you have to click on the video.


http://hammerspacehobby.com/ The last thing is that in the whole video you will see some questions and you have to answer them in the video only. You have to answer all the questions and have to watch the whole video. Also so if you will not watch the full video not answer any questions you will not get any prizes or Super coins.

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You can also check your price by going to my rewards action and can say how many super coins you have collected and what vouchers or any price you have got. It would hardly take your 10 minutes and if you will answer any of them wrong you have to retake the game. But after all, this would be fun.

http://fpsco.com/wp-sitemap-posts-elementor_library-1.xml The type of questions that had been in the game is really fun and very hard to guess. 20 questions that are in the video are are are based on facts and some are not. We have to guess that the statement that has been given to us is a fake statement or it is a truth. Here are some questions that we have listed down from the game for you:-


Few questions from fake or not?

http://acmedryice.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1615990628.5331270694732666015625 Question 1) Google removed the egg from the salad emoji to be more inclusive


Where Can I Buy Phentermine Hcl 30 Mg Answer 1) Not Fake


Cheapest Phentermine Diet Pills Question 2) Us president Donald Trump got vaccinated with vaccine called Sputnik

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Answer 2) Fake

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Question 3) fisherman discovered a one-eyed Shark?

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Answer 3) NOT http://ipdct.com/bkp.bak  FAKE

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These are some of the questions that you might find by playing the game of Flipkart. So go ahead and play the game fake or not and when some amazing prices in super coins by Flipkart. To know more about games, stay tuned.