Kenshi Cheat Codes- Money, SquadMates, and many more

Lo-Fi Games Kenshi has been one of the most popular games. This game has evolved and expanded over the past years like a new generation of Fallout or Post-apocalyptic games. The game is a single-player mode game.  Kenshi is well known for its unique gameplay and astonishing features. It gives an edge of an experience for the players as it becomes very difficult to play. Even for the most experienced players, this has surely been a nail-biting game.

The progress in the game might be very slow in the game. To become the master in the game it becomes necessary to use some cheat codes. It is ok to use few cheat codes so as to bring a little fast progress in the game. We have got your back to get the best cheat so as you can be the single master in the game.

Dive in the article to know all the cheat codes that we have brought for you. Use the cheat codes wisely to master the game. There have been various mod versions of the game but still, the game has been difficult for the players. So, get the cheat codes to make a game a little simpler.

Table of Contents

Kenshi Cheat Codes.

Kenshi Cheat Codes- Money

  • 10,000 Money – The cheat code allows you to get 10,000.
  • +100,000 Money – The cheat code allows you to get 100,000.
  • Infinite Money – The cheat code allows you to have infinite money in the game.
  • Reset money to 0 –  The cheat code resets all the money back to 0.
  • +50,000 Money – The cheat code allows you to get 50,000.
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Kenshi Cheat Codes – Extra Cheats

  • God Mode– The cheat code allows you to govern everything that happens in the game.
  • Instant Materials Production– The cheat code allows you to instant supply materials.
  • Infinite Store Item– The cheat code allows you to have the end number of your inventory items.
  • Infinite Body Health– The cheat code allows you to have infinite health in the game.
  • Infinite Blood– Through the cheat code, you will have infinite blood in the body.
  • Instant Construction– The cheat code allows you to have construction without the need for material for that.

Kenshi Cheat Codes-Mod

Here are some few cheat codes that might be useful for you.

256 Squamates

The 256 Recruit and Squad mode is the best mode in the game. It gives you up to 256 talented Squad members. The Squad members will help you in performing the various tasks in the game. This will help you to earn an extra fortune for yourself. They will also secure you from the bandits in the game.

Boost Your XP

Now boost your XP and double your learning rate. This function will help you get the double-sided sword. Get to know the XP Stats in the game of the character. Go to the game settings and alter the modifications. Be careful while using the mod. This mod will also help your squadmates.

God Mode

In this cheat, your player gets the ability for a regeneration rate of 10,000 meaning and around 40 health in every second. Unfortunately, the only drawback of this mod is that it can be used only in a single race.

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Bring Back the Dead

It is fine now if you lose one of your squadmates in Kenshi. Now with the help of Bring Back The Dead you can bring back life in your dead squadmate. Go to the FCS file, and load your progress there. Look for your character’s name or NPC’s name. Go and open the Medical_State file. You will find a death value there, change it to false. Set the value to zero for a rig, stun and bandage stats.

Unlimited Money Mod

A game without money is of no use. This mod in Kenshi will give you unlimited money. Go to your FCS and open your saved progress. You will find an option named Changes List. Open up the camera and modify the money value to your choice.

Here are few more mod/ cheats that might help you.

  • Hunger Removal Cheat
  • Conquer Places
  • Be a Mercenary
  • Grab Meitou Weapons
  • Increase your backpack space
  • Master your skills
  • Not so rare

Make the best use of the cheat codes. And become the Master of Kenshi Today! We hope that you have got all the necessary information about Kenshi. Stay tuned with us to get more updates.