Court Orders Kelly Clarkson to Pay an Amount of Nearly $200,000 per Month to her Ex-Brandon Blackstock

Los Angles Count Court ordered Singer Kelly Clarkson to pay her Ex-husband Brandon Blackstock for Spousal and child support monthly.  This arrangement happened after more than a year of hustle and bustle between the couple about the divorce.

The singer has to pay every month an amount of $150,000 per month in spousal support. In addition, she also has to pay $45,601 per month for child support. This money is for the benefit of their two children i.e., 7-year-old daughter River Rose and 5-year-old son Remington, according to the legal documents in the Blast.

Singer’s monthly income is around $ 1,583,617 per month. She gets this money from her music career and also from the gig as a judge on The Voice. Also, she earns some money from her daytime talk show.

The total amount which is she pays to Blackstock is overall for the support for her spouse. The court has also ordered Kelly Clarkson to pay Blackstock’s attorney and court’s legal fees which amount to $1.25 million.

The new order came from the court almost after a month from when Kelly Clarkson’s a Lawyer. Laura Wasser filed a request in the court for financial settlement and custody of the two children on July 2. The Lawyer also requested the court to grant Kelly the request for divorce leaving every issue aside.

A judge has given temporary primary physical custody of the children in November 2020. This custody might turn into a permanent one, according to TMZ.

What led to the Divorce?

 The couple got married in the year 2013. Later in June 2020, Kelly Clarkson filed for a divorce. Blackstock responded to the divorce petition on July 21. The couple initially started to work out the things between them and make their marriage work. They also kept their divorce private in the best interest of their kids.

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The whole situation got more complicated in September 2020. At this time Starstruck Management Group which is founded by Narvel Blackstock ( Brandon’s Father) sued Kelly Clarkson alleging that they owed her unpaid commission which exceeded a million dollars. She responded to this in December alleging that Blackstock has defrauded her by overcharging her for years. She also claimed that Starstruck is not licensed to practice in California. And this is a violation of the California Labour Code. Blackstock denied her claims in legal documents that he filed in January 2021.

 The complication with Blackstock is creating a delay in the couple’s divorce. The divorce has now been dragged for almost a year now.  Kelly Clarkson is trying many ways for moving on from the marriage. The singer recently purchased a huge stunning mansion in an exclusive area in Los Angeles. With the mansion purchased she is trying to focus on her television show. She also listed her former mansion in California for sale for $ 9 million.