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Karamyogi yojana 2020-21 (Online registration): Objective, Features, & Governance Structure

Aim & Objective: Karamyogi yojana

  •  It is aimed toward building future-ready government officials with the proper attitude, skills, and knowledge, aligned to the vision of the latest India.
  • It aims to organize Indian civil servants for the longer term by making them more creative, constructive, imaginative, proactive, innovative, progressive, professional, energetic, transparent, and technology-enabled.
  • Comprehensive reform of the capacity building apparatus at the individual, institutional and process levels for efficient public service delivery.

Reason for Mission: Karamyogi yojana

  • At present bureaucracy is facing challenges like- Rule orientation, political interference, inefficiency with promotions, and generalist and specialist conflict.
  • To change the established order of civil services and convey about the long-pending civil services reforms.
  • The capacity of Civil Services plays an important role in rendering a good sort of services, implementing welfare programs, and performing core governance functions.

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Features of the scheme:

  • Tech-Aided: The capacity building is going to be delivered through its Karmayogi digital platform, with content drawn from global best practices.
  • The platform will act as a launchpad for the National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building (NPCSCB).
  • Coverage: The scheme will cover 46 lakh, central government employees, in the least levels, and involve an outlay of Rs. 510 crores over a five-year period.
  • Shift from Rules to Roles: The program will support a transition from “rules-based to roles-based” Human Resource Management (HRM) in order that work allocations are often done by matching an official’s competencies to the wants of the post.
  • Apart from domain knowledge training, the scheme will specialize in “functional and behavioral competencies” also, and also includes a monitoring framework for performance evaluations.
  • Integrated Initiative: Eventually, service matters like confirmation after probation period, deployment, work assignments, and notification of vacancies will all be integrated into the proposed framework.

Governance Structure: Karamyogi yojana 2020-21

  • Human Resource Council: NPCSCB is going to be governed by the Prime Minister’s Human Resource Council, which can also include state Chief Ministers, Union Cabinet ministers, and experts.
  • This council will approve and review government officials’ capacity building programs.
  • Cabinet Secretary Coordination Unit: there’ll be a cupboard Secretary Coordination Unit comprising select secretaries and cadre controlling authorities.
  • Capacity Building Commission: Also, there’ll be a Capacity Building Commission, which can include experts in related fields and global professionals. This commission will prepare and monitor annual capacity building plans and audit human resources available within the government.
  • Special Purpose Vehicle: Finally, there’ll be a wholly-owned Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), which can govern the iGOT-Karmayogi platform.
  • It will be found out under Section 8 of the businesses Act, 2013.
  • The SPV is going to be a “not-for-profit” company and can own and manage the iGOT-Karmayogi platform.
  • The SPV will create and operationalize the content, market place and manage key business services of the iGOT-Karmayogi platform, concerning content validation, independent proctored assessments, and telemetry data availability.
  • The SPV will own all property rights on behalf of the govt of India.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Framework: An appropriate monitoring and evaluation framework also will be put in situ for performance evaluation of all users of the iGOT-Karmayogi platform so on generate a dashboard view of Key Performance Indicators.
  • To conclude, the last word aim of Mission Karmayogi is to make sure “Ease of Living” for the commoner, “Ease of Doing Business” and Citizen-Centricity that’s reducing the gap between the govt and therefore the citizens. this will only be achieved by regular and constructive involvement by the govt and civil servants.