Inside edge season-3 web series is an Indian sports drama series which is created by Karan Anshuman and can be seen on Amazon Prime Video. Its first season was premiered on 10 th July 2017. The series features the fictional cricket team called Mumbai mavericks whose owners operate a league-wide spot-fixing syndicate. It had received a positive critical response was nominated for best drama series at 46th International Emmy Awards.  The black side of cricket is shown in the series with a mixture of politics in it. The issues of match-fixing, betting, doping, and many more are showcased in this web series.


The story is about a team Mumbai mavericks who plays in a power league. The series is set up in the environment of conflict interests where selfishness is a virtue and money, power goes hand in hand. Ups and downs are shown of the team Mumbai mavericks who faces the accusation of fixing match and issue of ownership.

In season-2 of the series, the next edition of the power-play league is showcased in which a character named Vayu Raghavan leads the team Mumbai maverick for facing the big adversary with the other team named Haryana hurricanes which is led by Arvind Vashisht. Various scandals are also shown which rocks the world of cricket. In sports upper elechons Zarine malik allies with Bhai Saab and those in shadow threatens to destroy the game of cricket they seek to control.


  1. Vivek Oberoi is Vikrant Dhawan the owner of the leading sports management companies.
  2. Aamir Bashir is Yashvardan, the president of the Indian cricket board and funder of the powerplay league.
  3. Richa Chaddha a Zarina malik fading actress and co-owner of the Mumbai mavericks cricket team.
  4. Sapna Pabbi as mantra Patil, co-owner of Mumbai mavericks and daughter of Yash Vardhan.
  5. Tanuj Virani as Vayu Raghavan moody, hot-head star player and alter captain of Mumbai mavericks.
  6. Siddhanth Chaturvedi is Prashant kanaujia, a rookie fast bowler who joins the Mumbai mavericks team.
  7. Angad Bedi as Arvind vashisht, an ex-international player and captain of Mumbai mavericks
  8. Sayani Gupta as Rohini Raghavan, Vayu’s sister and chief analyst of mavericks and later hurricanes.

A fresh breeze with fresh, original content for sports lovers. The web series showcases the politics behind the cricket game.  In a country like India, where cricket is being liked and worshipped by the people. Nowadays T-20 Format is popular and controversial due to the emergence of IPL and it is an inspiration behind this series Inside Edge, the first Indian sports content to be streamed online on Amazon prime video. The series highlights how the game is played and plagued with match-fixing, politics, betting, treachery, doping, and various scandals showcased. The world of cricket is showcased in a way that certain situations and characters which makes you forget the difference between reel and real cricket game.

The series begins with a star player named Vayu Raghavan and Mumbai mavericks co-owner fading actress Zarina malik is proud of her team’s victory and has a large problem to deal with that investor of the team is bankrupt. When she thinks that the existence of the team will be wiped off from the tournament, then a person named Vikrant Dhawan enters and invest in the team and saves Zarina and the team.  The series is sensational and speaks everything with honesty. It deals with the issues of T20 Cricket. The story is fast-paced, full of twists, and turns. The characters in the series are layered grey or negative. The cast delivers a good performance. The inside edge is considered to be a brilliant sports drama web series due to its uniqueness. It includes 10 episodes and it includes the quality of sheer honesty, fearlessness, and extremely powerful performances.  It’s season-3 does not have an official announcement date till now. It is in English and Hindi language with 20 episodes in total combining season-1 and 2.  Its content and powerful, great performances of the cast grabbed the attention of the audience and made it a hit series.


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