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Idle Heroes MOD APK v1.24.0 Download (VIP 13, Gems, Unlocked)

Idle Heroes, the size of the app is 135MB containing the latest version of v1.24.0. The application was lastly updated on 15 September 2020. Start your journey to the High Heaven from Sara Forest, leading your band of heroes into ancient ruins to battle the dark forces in the Idle Heroes game. This is an auto-played sport where you have to pick heroes to start the war and without any control, they will fight for you. If you’re an action game player, this game might bore you, but it’s the perfect one for Role Play gamers.

When you’re not involved in it, you can set your heroes to practice and when you return, they will be more powerful, new abilities gained, and ready for a new war. Without all the grinding, you have to develop & train a mighty team. There are more than 200 heroes in different groups with unique abilities in this game. Summon your Warriors, advise them to create strong heroes, or transform them into Emerging Spirit stuff. Forge magic gears, and dress your victory warriors!

*About What More?

In a war for control of the light continent, you can fight with your friends or players throughout it. Join the multiplayer guild boss fights as well and lead to sovereignty for your guild. Sara Forest, Moon Island, Land of Terror, Mine, Forgotten Ice field, Heidelberg, Land of Fire, and High Heaven have a total of 8 stages. Which is so addictive, all the stages are coolly built. You can select the standard level of difficulty for Nightmare, Hell, Death, and Mad. Adjust the level of difficulty when you become a pro player in this game.

Although this is a free Android game, in order to advance quickly, there are lots of things you need to purchase. If you’re using regular apk, it’s very hard to buy them so I’m giving you idle mod apk heroes where you’re going to get limitless coins and gems so you never lag behind.

*Skins And Heroes:-

You can also use custom skins to improve the quality of it, as I said that you can purchase and unlock more than 200 Heroes. Every hero has a different life, strength, shield, velocity, level, and special power to use. All you need to do is click on a hero, then see the details. You can preview custom skins for your heroes from your Skin Gallery. Mixed advantages such as Control Resistant, HP, Attack, Damage Reduce, Speed, Holy Damage, Crit Damage, Armor Break, Block, and Accuracy are provided by different skins. But not all of these features are in single skin, from those you have to select smartly.

*Winning Tips and Cheats:-

If you don’t use this game’s hacked version, then you can try to follow some easy tips to get some support to win every war. If you have enough cash to buy VIP 1, 2, or 3, you’ll get more benefits than this, but if you haven’t followed the tips and cheats to get any benefits.

*Gather a Regular Award:-

Do not forget to collect from the left message box your daily reward. Those tips will help you a lot to get some coins and gems if you are not a VIP player. Also, check-in every day where you will get 1-time restriction per day gems and summon heroes.

*Raid on Activities:-

You can join the event raid after hitting a minimum level where you can try to get unlimited coins for free. Let’s see the specifics of the challenge.

Cold Challenge:- At Player level 20, it unlocks. As a reward, you’ll earn a lot of money. There are two free challenge times every day, and one challenge period will be consumed by the only win. Increase your level for a more challenging challenge to unlock. The greater the difficulty, the higher the rewards would be. The higher your VIP rating, the more time you can buy for your challenge. Winning the challenge will give you the opportunity to win 2 or 3 awards.

Brave Challenge:- At Player level 25, it unlocks. As challenge prizes, you will win Spirit and Heroes promotion stones. There’s a restriction of two free challenge times a day, one challenge period will be counted as the only win.

• Hero Challenge:- At player level 30, IT unlocks. There is a possibility of collecting Hero Shards as prizes for challenges. The only winners will be counted as one challenge time, you will get two free challenge times every day. To unlock more challenging challenges, increase your level. The greater the difficulty, the higher the rewards would be. Often, the higher your VIP level, the more you can purchase additional challenge times. Winning the challenge will give you the opportunity to earn a double reward.

*Recover Achievement Award:-

Upgrade to level 10 or 20, disassemble 50 or 100 heroes, complete 1000 heroic summons, no 5-star hero acquired after 200 consecutive heroic summons, get 6-star heroes, get VIP 1, 2, or 3, get 20 sets of green equipment, get 10 sets of red equipment, get 5 sets of orange equipment, win 10 in the crystal crown league. You can get gold coins, gems, shoes, Summon hero, special avatar, friend summons money, hero replacement stuff, accessory, sword, etc. by completing this challenge. So, if you are a novice and don’t know the basics of this game, these are the biggest tips to follow.

*Spin on Fountain Wishing:-

To enter Wishing Fountain and Super Wishing Fountain, you need to hit a minimum level where you can spin using desired coins and get exciting awards such as Upgrade Stone Materials, Shoes, Hero Upgrade EXP, Summon Hero, Hero Advance EXP, and Gold Coins. Here are the Wishing Fountain’s simple laws.

• Every 24 hours, it refreshes automatically. If it is manually refreshed, the refresh time will reset.

• By eating wishing coins, there is a chance to get hero shards, equipment, and objects.

• For each lucky draw, which can be used to trade for hero shards, supplies, etc. in the Lucky Shop, 10 lucky coins will be awarded.

• Wishing coins can be bought from the desired fountain, marketplace, event packages by gems and can be claimed in certain special events.

*Facebook Link With:-

If you want your progress to be saved and posted, then link to Facebook. You can post all of your progress directly so that you can show your friend how tough you are as a player. But if you are using mod apk from a regular hacker, otherwise you might be barred from communicating with Facebook. If you downloaded this game from our website, you can enter Facebook in a secure way.

*Mod Features:-

Idle Heroes is typically an online game that uses a special anti-cheat scheme. It also updates periodically, so if you can’t use mod apk on your computer, then try to download it after a while when I release the new version of this game. In Idle Heroes mod APK, you can get the following advantages.

• Gold Coins Unlimited

• Gems Infinite

• Unlocked VIP 13

• The Infinite Everything.

*Download and install:-

1. Step 1:- Firstly, you need to visit Google for the link.

2. Step 2:- After getting the link, Download the link .

3. Step 3:- The link will get download in the APK file format in yiur device.

4. Step 4:- Enable the unknown sources from your device.

5. Step 5:- From file manager of your device, Install the application.

6. Step 6:- Enjoy using the app.


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