How virtual reality fool your brain

What is virtual reality? The trick of VR that to make-believe someone about something which is not even real or existing. To make them believe in something is real which it is not. a technology by which computer-aided stimulus create the immersive illusion that being somewhere else—and a topic on which middle ground is about as limited as accessible housing in Silicon Valley.

Well, we all know how much we all are invested in this technology and how much this technology is somehow destroying our interpersonal relationships. This technology is not just throwing some relationships but also creating a society where we all are more into Gadgets and virtual reality is something that we all should be somehow scared of. Virtual reality is the new height of the town and creates such things that are not even real.


About technology

We know that this technology and social media work bringing so much toxicity in life and not just that also online frauds, catfishing, privacy breaching, online addiction, and toxic online behavior. So if you think that there are all the positive side of the internet there are so many negative also. In the future, there is a possibility that Technology would be superior to humans.

How virtual reality fool your brain

If in future air or VRS are getting all the attention that they are getting the Hype right now it would be possible that humans interact with would be very less and everything would be virtual, to things which do not exist. Humans will be more invested on the things which does not exist.

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History of VR

Panoramic paintings the first time towards virtual reality in the 18th century. In 1838, Stereoscopic photos & viewers. And in 1929, Link Trainer The First Flight Simulator. In around 1939, a Science fiction story predicted VR started. In mid-1950s a cinematographer developed Morton Heilig’s Sensorama.

In 1960, the game started with The first VR Head Mounted Display. The Ultimate display by Ivan Sutherland describes the concept that could simulate reality to the point where one could not tell any difference from actual reality.  He also made people understand his concept of reality and virtual reality.

After all of this many small discoveries continued and made virtual reality a possibility and a new Hype in the town. From panorama paintings to can’t even figure out the actual reality and virtual reality. The journey wasn’t that long enough but this virtual reality thing is here to stay for a long time and will trick your brain into believing things that you don’t even want to.


How virtual reality fool your brain

Virtual Reality shifting raipdly

We all know how technology is developing and creating things at a very rapid pace. As soon as we start understanding a few things about the new gadgets and this new technology there is something new which is far more better and different.

This technology is very beneficial for us in a few other terms but when we come to things like inter and intrapersonal relationships because of this Rapid development of Technology we are losing and destroying these.


With this virtual reality becoming a more actual reality we are facing big trouble but we can also track our brain in believing what we want to believe and not what this virtual internet thing is telling us to.