How to take a screenshot on a Mac? Steps

How to take a screenshot on a Mac

Following Steps Required –

1) Press (Command + Shift + 3)all keys simultaneously.

2) It will save a copy of the screen to the desktop.

3) The same combination can be pressed with the Control key to saving the image on the clipboard.

In MacOSCatalina, a preview of the screenshot will appear in the corner of the screen gives quick access to editing tools. A “Stacks” feature is also provided which groups similar files on the desktop, such as screenshots. By right-clicking on the desktop then click Use Stacks, and all of them will be rapidly grouped together.

Capturing a selected area

Following steps required –

1) Press (Command + Shift + 4) keys simultaneously.

2) By pressing the above keys, pointer converts into a crosshair, click and drag to select the region to be captured. On releasing the mouse button, the screenshot will be saved to the desktop.

How to take a screenshot on a Mac? Steps

3) Otherwise, if using macOS Mojave press (Command + Shift + 5) keys simultaneously gives an on-screen marquee showing what will be captured. This can be moved or resized as required. This key combination also gives a menu with selections as where to store the screenshot, whether to show the pointer and etc.

This way your selection will then be saved to the desktop. Alternatively, by pressing the Control key and your screenshot will be saved to the clipboard.

4) In case you have a MacBook Pro given with a Touch Bar, it gives options on the Touch Bar that comprise the Selected Portion, Window, or Entire Screen. By using it you can save it to a different folder such as Desktop, Documents, or the Clipboard. Another special feature of Touch Bar MacBook is to take a screenshot of the Touch Bar display that can be done by pressing(Shift + Command + 6).

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Capturing a Single Window

How to take a screenshot on a Mac? Steps

The step required is to launch Grab by opening it from the utility folder, which is a place within the applications folder. Once launched display an icon for the app in your dock. You can also pin this icon for quick access later.

1) Press (Command + Shift + 4) keys so that pointer converts into a crosshair.

2) Pressing the Spacebar pointer will change to a camera icon.

3) Now the window you drift over will be highlighted in blue. This shows that only this window will be captured in your screenshot.

4) Now by clicking on the desired window, you want to screenshot and an image of this will be saved to the desktop.
This method not only just capture windows but also you can save the desktop, the menu bar, the Dock, or even an open menu by itself. The saved image, along with its shadow will be a transparent PNG of the window. If you don’t want to include shadow, press and hold the Option key (also labeled as Alt on some Mac keyboards) as you click to save the image. With other screenshot methods, add Control to the key combination to confirm that the image is saved to the clipboard instead of desktop.

Screenshots with Grab on macOS Mojave

How to take a screenshot on a Mac? Steps

Grab is a utility application that comes by default or preinstalled on all Mac devices. It helps users to create screenshots directly from the menu bar. The Grab also allows users to require time-delayed screenshots, just just in case you would like to line the stage before capturing a picture on your display. If you’re using macOS Catalina, Grab’s features are incorporated into the (Command + Shift + 5) key combination.

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