How to delete a YouTube Video?

Many users who have a YouTube account not only watch videos but also upload videos. Whether your video list is just too long, a number of your content is outdated, otherwise, you don’t need certain videos on your account, you’ll remove them.

To delete a video from your YouTube account, follow the steps below. sometimes you’ll encounter videos you discover objectionable or possibly detrimental to your company.

While you can’t directly remove videos others have uploaded, there’s a reporting system in situ to possess a YouTube review and take away content if it violates the Terms of Service or the law.

Wave the Flag

Under each video on YouTube may be a toolbar with buttons that perform different actions, with a Flag icon appearing on the far right. this is often the flagging tool that allows you to report a video to YouTube staff for review.

Click the button and supply details on why the video should be removed. If the video violates YouTube’s Community Guidelines it’ll be removed; but if there’s no violation, the video won’t be removed regardless of how often it’s flagged.

How to delete a YouTube Video?

Delete your own videos

You can remove any videos that you simply uploaded from your own Google Account.

If you delete a video, it’s permanently deleted — you cannot recover it through YouTube. If you would like to ascertain it again, confirm you’ve got a backup saved.

Check in to YouTube.

How to delete a YouTube Video?

Tap Library then My videos.

Next to the video, you would like to delete, select More then Delete.

How to delete a YouTube Video?

After you delete a video, the video URL and title will not be visible or searchable in YouTube Analytics. Data related to the video like Watch time will still be a part of aggregate reports, but won’t be attributed to the deleted video.

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After that you will see that a window will be open then you need to click on the confirm button.

Replace a video

You can’t replace a video because any new video you upload will get a replacement URL. Instead, you can:
• Change a video’s title and privacy settings.
• Make YouTube Video Enhancements.
• Add a card to direct viewers.