How to create Google email and Google DOC

Let’s learn How to create Google email and Google DOC

How to make and use a Google Doc Use Google Docs to create documents that will be shared with others. Google Docs is excellent thanks to collaborating with others on a project.

An advantage of Docs is that it automatically will save to make sure that you simply won’t lose your work if something crashes.

In order to make a Google Doc, attend On the highest taskbar of the Google Search page, select the Documents tab to access Docs.

How to create Google email and Google DOC

In order to make a Doc, you want to have a Gmail account.

If you are doing not have already got an account, you’ll select the red “Create an Account.”

If you have already got an account, check-in together with your user name (The first a part of your email before @) and your password.

If you can’t remember your password, you’ll have Google assist you to access it.

Features of the Doc Home page

Create a replacement Document

The title shows you what sort of document it’s so you’ll better organize your documents.

It also will show documents that you’ve got been included in and make edits to.

Click the Google Apps icon, which is that the square formed by nine smaller dark gray squares at the highest right of the screen.

Steps to create a Google doc

How to create Google email and Google DOC

Click the app’s icon pictured here. …

Then click on the “Docs” icon. …

After that choose the template format for your doc. …

Click the multicolored sign to make a replacement doc.

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Choose a template or create a replacement doc.

How to create Google email and Google DOC

Also, learnHow To Create A Gmail Account? Step By Step Guide

To create an account

Firstly you need to go to

Then click create an account.

The sign-up form will appear. …

Next, enter your telephone number or contact number to verify your account.

you’ll receive a text message with a verification code.

Next, you’ll see a form to enter a number of your personal

information, like your name and birthday.

Then click on continue After that you are able to see your created account.