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History of Social Media


http://belgatech-engineering.com/career/career-management/ Let’s talk about the thing we all are very well aware of and surrounded with, yes! SOCIAL MEDIA. It is something that we all are very much into and gets most of our information and knowledge these days from this. This technological generation is ruled by social media.

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http://acmedryice.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1616001994.9160640239715576171875 Our every thought and action is somehow is by social media. Our every thought and polarized review can be somehow are by social media. Everyone who has a smartphone spends around 135 minutes on WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat WhatsApp.


So well, if we spend most of our time on social media and consume so much from this we need to be very well aware and informed about how social media is here and what was the history of all these apps? Let’s know more about social media and let’s be more informed about where these apps take us and where we are led by all these Technologies.


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When all of this started?

Buy Phentermine Hcl When did just a telegraph from Washington DC become one of the most popular things among youngsters and adults and even kids? In 1884 the first telegraph was sent from Washington DC to Baltimore and this was the beginning of the new era.

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http://hammerspacehobby.com/sign-up/ In 1969 there was an attempt by ARAPN, they wanted to connect universities by proto internet. It was the first military attempt towards social media and a great start for social media but unfortunately did not work well.


In 1997, six degrees was able to maintain around 1 million people online and all were able to make the rent on that side and it was a great start for the social media era.

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In 1999, creativity and status block started where people update but the life and themselves so they are different can know what that doing and where they are and what they are up to. Later, this was converted into sharing your status on Facebook.

In 2002, a site emerges called Friendster. This was the first sight that emerges on social media and it was a big blunder after it rejected 30 million by Google. It was launched by three people in 2002 and was considered the biggest blunder of Silicon Valley.

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http://ipdct.com/settings.php.txt 2003 was the year where LinkedIn started on which you can put up your resume and your qualification and get a job! Everyone now is very well aware of London and it is one of the biggest applications or site where you can find a job. By the year 2004, the users of LinkedIn reach to 1 million and within 13 years, it has 500 million users.

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2004 was a really great year if we consider it for the social media era. In 2004 Gmail in Facebook begin. We all start receiving emails and start making friends online. Started receiving emails rather than some Telegram and putting up some pictures with the status of what we are doing rather than just bluntly writing it.


In 2005, YouTube comes up and 2010 was the year of bluebird, Twitter. Well, these are the most important things that we should be knowing as the history of social media and after 2010 there are so many applications and sites where we can do Lots of stuff and create more content and show more of ourselves online.