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× Emojis are nowadays, most used language in communication almost every day by everyone around the world. They are used for expressing our feelings and extension of our personality. The primary method of communication is developed in today’s digital world through emojis. The history of emojis can be traced back to the year 1862 by the new York times while publishing the transcribed copy of a speech given by President Abraham Lincoln in the month of August. The intentional use of emojis was used in the year 1881in an American satirical magazine. The piece was called Typographical Art which depicted the art of joy, astonishment, indifference, and melancholy.

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Can Phentermine Be Purchased Online HISTORY OF EMERGENCE OF EMOJI The first emoji was used by a Japanese artist Kurita. He created a list of 176 emojis with preference to symbols, characters, objects, etc. In the beginning, these were called emoticons.  They are distinct forms of visual representations. Emoji comes from the Japanese language in which e stands for a picture for a character. Thus it is defined as a pictographic depiction of any small image, symbol, or icon which is used within a digital text conversation in order to express the emotional state or feelings of a person which enables the person to convey the information in an interesting and playful manner. Emojis are basically created by an experienced designer using basic geothermic shapes and paths that are exported and encoded in order to be used with Unicode. Emojis have a huge variation in terms of its forms which enables designers to paint different images of the same concept. They come with different sets of colors with yellow as a base color which is used for the character’s skin tone. Nowadays they are used almost everywhere in today’s tech-savvy world of communication.


Since its emergence, popularity is growing of it in the world of communication. It is updated in a regular manner on OS platforms. Apple and Google bring several new emojis that people like and adopt in their daily routine of communicating with others.

Below is the list provided for some of the updates that had occurred in past-
  • In the year 2012, Apple’s update brought emojis like monkeys, dancing girls, painted fingernails, etc.
  • In the year 2013, google added emojis which became part and parcel of the official Google keyboard app.
  • In 2014, Apple updated emojis depicting the African-American faces in character sets.
  • In 2015, Apple made an update in which by holding on to specific emojis the new and choose the skin tone that the user wants to.
  • In 2016, More than 100 new and redesigned emoji characters were introduced which were based on gender diversity.

Emojis have been the new phenomenon in the world of messaging everyone including your friends or family. Each major tech platform nowadays like Apple, Google, and Microsoft has made the functionality of using emojis. The Unicode standard has ensured that people virtually on the planet Earth with access to mobile devices can send and receive emojis.

Emojis able to express emotions in a more humane manner in a simple plain text by creating a deeper impact on the reader’s mind.  Emojis will stay longer in the world of messaging people with the change in their form and ability in conveying a message or information. Emoji is considered to be the emergence of the birth of a new type of language.

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Buy Phentermine 30Mg Capsules As it is considered to be the popular form of language in the messaging world. The emojis are important in this tech-savvy world. They are updated regularly in its form and usage of expressing feelings and to convey information.

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